Monday, June 22, 2015

A First Grade Dog Post That Makes Me Laugh

This one reminds me of a story I need to tell you about the dog.

This one reminds me of a story I need to tell you about how I stood up to leave church at the end of the meeting and pulled a muscle.
A very crucial muscle and couldn't walk for a couple of days.

This one reminds me that I need to stop being hangry.

This one just makes me laugh. Poor dog. Poor kid.
And if you didn't read the the cat post, you need to.
It will make you laugh, too. 
I hope.
(FYI - the child that wrote this was very matter of fact when I tried talking to him/her about it- didn't seem upset at all. I believe no first graders were harmed in completing this assignment.)

Monday, June 8, 2015

If this house was a pregnancy, we'd be done

but we're not, but we will be, someday. The builder would laugh every time I asked, but now he's told me that "before school starts" is a real possibility. Phew. Since it has been almost a pregnancy since pictures have been posted, here are a few:

Yes. There will be urinal(s). My mom thinks I'm crazy, but every person who has boys in their home has endorsed this decision.  Every person that I've asked, that is and if you stay in our guest room, you get to look out these two windows. And I am not pregnant. And neither is the house.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I survived

and learned that having a newborn tired has nothing on teacher tired. 
I may need to sleep for the next two months. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today I got to share the gift.

It's no secret that I haven't been around lately as my life has become consumed by my wonderful family and a bunch of sweet little first graders.

Those firsties are sharing so much with me. Today it's laryngitis.  Can you imagine working with a bunch of 6-7 year olds and not being able to talk to them! Crazy. Thankfully, they behaved pretty well - at least in the morning.

We are doing a "Christmas Around the World" unit this week and I get to present Christmas in Mexico to all four classes.

When I was giving my presentation for the first time today (to my own class),  I became so emotional. You see, in Mexico (at least in what we are presenting to our first graders), Christmas is much more of a time to celebrate Christ. We talked about Los Posadas, luminarias, families being together and the traditions of putting out a nativity set and putting baby Jesus in on Christmas Eve.

Did you catch that? I got to talk to my sweet little ones (who I pray for every day that they might feel His love through me) about Him!

I got to tell them them how much I this time of year means to me and how I love my collection of nativities and I cried. 

But I don't think they noticed. My voice had been crazy all day, the lights were out because the bulb in our projector for the presentation is super dim, and my heart was humbled by how my accident of getting to "do Mexico" showed me in such an incredible way that God wants all His children to know.

It's an incredible gift.
I'm humbled and in awe of how I stumbled into sharing it today.