Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two Weeks - Unbelievable Picture Catch Up :)

  Late night plan run.
 The reason for the late night plan run. Glad we checked, because that floor vent might be too tempting a target to little boys using a certain fixture to the right.
 The innards.
 My incredible panoramic picture taking skills.
 Our beautiful weeds that need to be cut down before they take over the property again.
 Electric's coming (see little white flags). 
It turned out to be just a little bit more moola to put in underground. Yay!
 Our builder teasing me.
 Beautiful sky. Beautiful roof line.
 Big beams that will support our family. That's my watch put there for size reference.

 We will be safe in the storm! That's a big deal. We want our home to be a haven.

Stairway to...
My someday room that I keep calling "the grandkids' sleeping porch," but since we don't have grandchildren and since I walked up there today and had an epiphany that really - this room is going to be my sanctuary. I'll be nice and share, but it's mine.
It will remain unfinished until we can get the house paid off.
Great motivation, don't you think?

I get to stop by here on my way home from work when time allows. Tonight, I just wanted to stay.

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