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Labor Pains

We are in the process of moving out of our house because it sold. Yay.  A week before close, our buyers/their realtor had some last minute issues and it looked like the deal might not happen. I'd already paid a deposit & first/last months rent on a rental. We were out looking for a fridge when we got the phone call. It was then that I realized that these few weeks I've been feeling like the first time I was in labor and all I wanted to do was stop the whole process, go home and return to normal. Of course I couldn't. And great things came of it. Now I'm telling myself the same about all this mess. I hope this labor is worth it.  PS- I think I packed to much in that big box.  PPS- Maybe someday, like next week (bahaha), when we get settled I can tell you all our awesome news. I can only hope.