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My final note to my college girl this summer

In honor of all the back-to-schoolness and the many, many "kids" we know heading off to college, I give you the words I left my daughter this past June as I dropped her off to begin her university experience. It brings joy to my heart to know they meant so much to her that she memorialized them on facebook. Thank you miss h. (And aren't you so impressed with my skills using the photo messing with tools that I used to hide your name? I am.)

Just wanting you to know

Image from here. After almost 19 years of always having a little person by my side daily, I am on day 4 of not having any of my people around during the day. I know lots of people have gone through this before and I know my days will get full, I'm just having a hard time with the change right now. How have you learned to deal with big life changes? (I know that there's not too many of you out there reading this and I know not many folks like to respond-but if any of you have any wisdom to share, my tissue box and I would be very grateful) And, if you're new around this blog, you can visit this post . It might explain a lot.

What I learned today - lesson in genetics & a message to my sister's in law

Image from here. I took the boys to the eye doctor today. Our eye doctor has the same last name as a guy I was friends with in high school. And who (whom?) took our engagement photos. But I don't think they're related. High school was Idaho. Eye doctor is Oklahoma. And there's a lot of years in between the two. Anyway, one of the tests he did on the boys was a "color deficiency" test. I was corrected when I called it the old school name. Apparently it's offensive. But not to the eye doctor, because he laughed after seeing the look on my face after the reprimand. Our eye doctor has some color deficiencies. He told us a tragic story about junior high and the color of corduroy pants he wore on the first day. It was very traumatic for him, apparently what he saw as brown looked like purple to most everyone else. Not good for a junior high young man. I told him that experience probably defined the course of his life's work, though he probably didn't eve

Summer's over = First Day of School = My last day of mommyness

I am just fresh back from dropping off my two youngest children to their first day of school. One's starting middle school (in our tiny little middle school pod of our PreK-8th school-I have a funny story, but will tell it later). One's starting Kindergarten. All day Kindergarten. He told me he doesn't need me to come meet him at lunch today. Insert my tears hear. His teacher had play-doh set up in each child's little table area. She asked the children to make play-doh snakes and trace the letters with the snakes on a little laminated place mat she had at each child's spot.  He had yellow play-doh. The empty seat next to him had red play-doh. His favorite color is red. I asked him if he would like me to swap his yellow for the red. Using his little wise eyes to infer so much more than just his words, this is what he said: "Mom, I'm in kindergarten now." He doesn't always have to have his favorite color. Again, tears. One child in K

Hi All-

I would please like to refer you to last year's summer disclaimer . I am giving myself a big 'fail' this summer for not posting much & for not submitting a 2011 summer disclaimer. For your kindness & patience with my not-being-around-in-the-virtual-worldness (and this little blog's birthday-which might have already passed-I need to check), I will be bringing a treat to your screen soon. And to my dear Mildred, she whom I used to speak to everyday, school will start soon and maybe we'll get a chance to visit then.  But - maybe not, because I am kind of very jealous that you ran off to cooler weather Wyoming to hang out for the summer. Bye, the mrs.