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Dry Shampoo

Have you heard of it?
I had quite a few compliments on my hair today and guess what?
It's three days, two workouts, and one very windy outing this morning into it's last washing.
I owe it all to a can of dry shampoo.

Maybe I am too lazy, time deprived or hold to the belief that washing and blowing out my hair too often will add to the damage that may inflict to shampoo everyday.
Maybe I am just excited about an appointment tomorrow.
This stuff is wonderful.
Few shots of aersol magic &  the grunge is refreshed.
It's a lesson for all.
And now you know.
Tomorrow I shall cut and dye.

(FYI-it comes in expensive "product" brands or you can get less expensive ones--that's the one I use and I really am happy with the results.  Like I said-compliments-with an s-today-how about that?  And I was using this stuff before I heard the professional recommend it to someone in his chair. Woo for me.)

Sunday School

Picture from here.(It's not an official LDS site, but it has good info.)
This is Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  He is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
(The organization of twelve apostles who are chosen as special witnesses of Christ to all the world. The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles becomes the presiding body of the Church in the event of the death of the prophet, until a new president of the Church is chosen and ordained.)

Our lesson in Relief Society was based on a talk given by him last November.
It was titled "Love and Law."
You can find it in it's entirety here.

This is the very first thing he said:
"I have been impressed to speak about God’s love and God’s commandments. My message is that God’s universal and perfect love is shown in all the blessings of His gospel plan, including the fact that His choicest blessings are reserved for those who obey His laws. These are eternal principles that should guide parents in their love and teaching of their chi…

Maggots, The Second Year Anniversary

Picture from here.

Because I may be feeling morbid this week.  Because you need to know what happens when little mammals die in your walls or floors or somewhere near you.  Because I am trying to stay at a certain caloric limit today.
This post shall be about maggots.
Two years ago, I had a run in with the maggots.  Big, big creepy maggots.
Backstory:   Two years ago, my mr. was living in Oklahoma working and I was living with four children (and apparently some other things) in Texas because of a work, school, and selling the house situation.  It lasted for 7 months. I believe we have overcome the trauma that this time wreakedon our family, but at the time it was quite an adventure (code for "oh my word, are we going to survive this?").
More Backstory:  Many, many adventures took place right before and during this time period.  Too many to tell you all, but here's a couple that have to do with the house-
Let's just say that it is no longer code for water heaters to be pla…

Parenting & Three Stooges

"Maybe it's not a good idea to let him watch 'Three Stooges' right before bed."
---my mr. as he was getting the 4 year old ready for bed after some television bonding.
little mr. j was acting out what he had seen.

Nuck, Nuck, Nuck

Sunday School

Picture from here.
Here's a story a young mom gave in her talk in Sacrament Meeting:

FYI-This is not going to be as good as when she told it, but I hope you can see through it to the message.

When she was a little girl in Colorado, their family had a creek that ran through their property.  The parents instructed the children to stay out of it when the snow was thawing and the creek had a lot of water in it and was running fast. This creek led to a larger river that sounded like it had a lot rapids in it.

She and her brother went down to the creek and yes, the snow was melting and there was a lot of water.  She decided that she could cross the creek & ventured in.  Sure enough, she got to a point where the current knocked her feet out from under her & the water started washing her downstream. She knew she needed to get out, but just couldn't.

Her brother grabbed a tree limb, ran down stream and stuck it out to her.  She was able to catch it and get to safety before she r…

The Little Girl With A Curl

There was a little girl who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead; When she was good, she was very, very good, And when she was bad she was horrid. (Thank you, Grandma Dodie)

Tonight I miss my little girl with the little curl. 
Tonight she is a young woman. 
Tonight she was not horrid, but our interaction made me sad.
(Just as much me as it was her.)
When they are little, life is a bit less complicated
even though there are some adventures.

"This actually isn't a nursery rhyme. It is a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The line "she was very, very good" should actually be "she was very good indeed". Longfellow's second son Ernest says of this poem: "It was while walking up and down with his second daughter, then a baby in his arms, that my father composed and sang to her the well-known lines .... Many people think this a Mother Goose rhyme, but this is the true version and history" --Susan Wichlett
quote above found here…

something I am thankful for....
thank you and goodnight

Learning to R-E-A-D

The Preschooler at my house is bored. Probably because he isn't enrolled in Preschool. or mom's day out. or gymnastics. or any other myriad of activities that I could have him signed up for.
Am I too {choose your own adjective from the list provided, or feel free to think of your own} lazy, frugal, self involved, etc., etc.? 
No.  I am selfish. I love this age. Four year olds are awesome.  Especially when they are your own. They are pretty much toilet trained.  Play independantly.  Have super fun imaginations. And they still like you (me). They don't back talk (at least the ones I have been around--no, I take that back-there was one of mine that did at that age, but I have blocked that memory fairly well-I fear I may have many blocked memories).
So, when said preschooler said, "I want to read." 
I said, "Go get a book & we can read." 
And he said, "No, I want to read."
And I said, "OK. We can make that happen."

Thank goodness a friend…

Sunday School

For a friend.
Thinking of you today.
You will see him again.
Click here, 
Sunday will come.

My Conferences!

If you are familiar with this little blog world, I am sure you've read a lot like I have about these blogging women who are jetting off here and there going to conferences & parties & shopping & dinners, ect.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  All this stuff minus the families that are an integral part of their blogging.

I've quite a torn opinion regarding this.  I am happy for these women to "get a break." It just seems like they are getting a lot of breaks.  Lots of conferences.  I haven't "wished I was there" or been interested in what those conferences are about.  I am not envious of getting to stay in a fancy pants hotel or going to different restaurants and parties & having my picture taken (heck no on that one for sure).  I don't envy the expense or time away from the fam.  But it just seems weird. 

Anyhow, I got my first invitation to a conference since beginning to blog.
How exciting!
Here it is:
You are invited to the 4th Gra…

What I've learned in the past 15 minutes using facebook

Don't worry-I'm not going to spill anyone's facebook beans.
This won't be anything juicy.

I have learned that the photos you add go public really fast.
I have learned that you can have a lot of conversations in a lot of different places.
I have learned that when you hit that share button, your message is sent typos and all.  (Paige-I meant your birthday, not you're birthday.  Please forgive me.)
It's not forgiving like blogger where I can come back and edit.

It's good to still be learning.

Oh, I have to share some (not all--it would just be too much) juice--

Shari's grandchild is walking!
Kimberly talked to me!
Christina's husband won't get a FB account (you go C's hubby)!
Amy is going crazy!
Lisa & Kristi always make very kind comments!
Alyson is fun!
And....... my favorite.....

Lots of people are becoming friends!
(Should I proof read this now, or just be brave and hit publish?--Read it through and figure out what I did.:) ).

Sunday School

Picture from here.

Our Relief Society President rocks.
She is an incredible woman, who has lived an incredible life and done incredible things.
And she's quiet & humble about it.

So today, it was her turn to teach the lesson.  When we walked in, guess what the centerpiece on the table in front of the room was?

Yes- a surf board!

And remember, we live in Oklahoma. Kind of knew it was going to be a good lesson right off.  So, of course, I have to share--especially since someone went home early from church today and missed it.
(You know who you are. We missed you!)

She started the lesson talking about the surf board. 
She had a plaque to go with it that said, "You can't control the waves, but you can learn how to sur."
There was some brief discussion about the missing "f," but little known to us flatlanders, surf is referred to as sur in some places.
She reeled the converstion right back onto topic and started in.

She talked about how in surfing, if you …

Because I love you, you must know this. . .

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are YUMMY! Post edit--read the comments, Carissa shared some very awesome knowledge with us!

Article on how to be a happier parent-really it looks like publicity for a book

Find the book here or at your library.

A book that I'm going to look into. 
(because you see, I am still traumatized by the events that unfolded in yonder post yesterday & the dramatic behavior by two people immediately after arriving home from school today)
(and I'm not saying I'm not happy-I am-I would just like more inner parenting peace)

Two Simple Ways to Be a Happier Parent.

By Nancy Shute ,

When Christine Carter became a parent, she realized that her work as a sociologist who studies happiness gave her a head start on being a good and happy parent. Rather than trying to solve problems in her family, she wanted to prevent them. That got her wondering what makes for happy families and children. The result of that questioning is Raising Happiness (Ballantine Books).

The book is chock-full of words—gratitude, forgiveness, optimism, and inner peace—I associate more with meditation than parenting manuals. But it's not at all woo-woo. Carter grounds her pa…

Miscommunication #2

My oldest child is a wonderful young woman.  She's talented. She's loyal. She's responsible.  She can work hard when she wants to. She is tough.
But her trait that has brought me here today is a biggie:  she is dramatic and when she has something to express, most often it is done very passionately.

What do you do when your mr. tells you that a certain child texted him and then called him, very freaked out about a light that came on on the dashboard of the car she is so priveledged to drive?

What do you do when your teen driver speaks to you and says, "The check engine light is on" in the car she is so priveledged to drive? (Imagine the passion.)

Well, my mr. told her to drive it home.
So she did.
And nothing happened.
And nobody did anything.

What do you do when the light is being ignored and it is the next day and said daughter is going to get in that car and drive away?
I checked her oil. Full.
Then I let her drive off.

OK, one big lesson that I have learne…

Why I Liked Grocery Shopping Today

(This was written Saturday night, but I'm not posting it until now because I just didn't want you to miss it.--PS-and now, after I accidentally hit post--you do get to see it--it's like visiting the future becomingversed (as long as you're reading it before Monday)--how about that?)
Before we begin, I must tell you that I do not like the grocery shopping situation that I have here in the area where I live.
It stinks.
Oklahoma needs to change it's liquor laws.
We need some good groceries and a Costco.
Oh how we need them.
Not that I buy liquor.  I even had to look up how to spell it, but here at the bible belt's buckle, the situation is dire.
Stores make their most profit on the liquor.
Nothing heavier than beer at the stores here and I don't think I've seen any wine.
You see what I'm dealing with.

(OK, I am thankful that people do turn the covers of the more risque magazines around and that so many people are concerned about my salvation here, but i…