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Found: Mama Bear

I've found my mama bear.

You see, that is my boy in the picture up there. He's my boy. He is playing tackle football for the first time this fall.

There would be a picture from his game yesterday, but I was gripping my camera case hard in my lap-trying to keep myself from jumping out of my seat and schooling a bunch of the kids he was "versing."

It all started at his brother's tiny tot soccer game earlier in the morning. The other team's coach didn't show, so bless some mommy's heart, she stepped in and was helping out her little son's team. That'd be great except that the officials who were scheduled to ref the little soccer game couldn't make it due to the flu and some broken body part.

Apparently, this mom didn't know all the rules like they really shouldn't be picking the ball up with their hands and there is no goal keeping in tiny tot soccer. She and our coach, my mr, did their best. During the game, I had to slap my hand ov…


My people keep me busy. Sometimes during the busyness, I have time to think about what I would like to write and what I might say. I've composed a lot. It's just never made it into the written language. Bummer because there were/are a lot of very clever stories swimming around in my brain. They are just hiding right now.

I did have time & thoughts one evening this week, but someone else was on the computer. I did laundry.

So, I am frustrated. I have time now, but the words won't come.

Here is what I would like to blog about-maybe having a list will help me focus.
-why this blog
-my trip
-what I learned about me
-what I learned how to do
-talking to people
-little boy football/soccer & mama bear tendencies
-people in my life: hair guy, piano teacher, friends, people on the plane, etc.
-little lessons

Ok, that should have gotten me started-there is more, but miss s is begging for some facebook time & she's been good, so it's her turn with …


Today I am nervous.

I'm doing something this week that I've never done before.

I am leaving my family.

Not forever, just for a few days.

I am going to attend a seminar to learn a specific method of tutoring.

I'm not sure if tutoring is the correct word, but that's all I can use right now.

I am doing this because I think it will help my children.

I think it will help me,

If I don't die of a sinched up stomach and jitters before I get home.

I love to learn.

I don't love to be away from my people.

Wish me luck.


Happy One Year Plus master j!!!! (FYI- this one's about successful toilet training)

3. master j is free to pee! (don't focus on the red shirt man-picture is really not of him)

2. six squares

1. three squares-it begins!

I received an email from a friend that told me she implemented the potty training routine I've used with all my kiddos and she had success. Woo hoo & congrats!! So--while I am getting warmed up to share more intimate life lessons, I thought I would share this gem with you-as potty training is a truly intimate experience.
When miss h was a youngy, and the mrs. was a young mom, potty training was an adventure to be had. I read a book. I was sure I'd be able to train that girl in 24 hours. I was wrong.

She was not ready. She was independent and head strong. She had no interest in sitting on that royal throne.
Lesson I learned: pushy potty training equals trained adults monitoring toilet activities constantly. That was not the route for me. Happy is the day that a child realizes what's coming and goes in the proper place. Happy, happy, happy…