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Sunday School on Monday Night

So should we call it blogging home evening? Or would that just be wrong? Probably. Moving on. Yesterday, at church (which seems like ages ago right now at 10pm on Monday night), I sat in on a class of Young Women having a lesson on developing your talents. It was beautifully taught by a woman who I wished I had recieved this lesson from when I was a girl. Except that when I was a girl she probably wasn't even a baby and maybe not even a gleam in her father's eye. So that would have been weird. Anyway, she taught it beautifully. She had a great attention getter at the beginning where the students (me included) were to put checkmarks on a two-sided paper list of 'talents.' There were many unusual ones on there. That activity really brought the girls' minds into the lesson. So clever. Then she went on to the meat of the lesson. You can find the entire lesson here.  I don't think she followed this lesson plan exactly, but I think she knew what we students n
Wordle from here. Happy Thanksgiving. What fortunate people we are to live in a free country (USA). And to have so many blessings. At the beginning of November, a facebook friend started a 'thing' where we would list something we were thankful for that day, everyday, through Thanksgiving. I've enjoyed it so & it's really made me think a lot about what I am most grateful for. I didn't share everything on facebook, because some things I'm thankful for are just too personal or to hard to put in words. While I've always loved my simple days, this experience has made me really think about what really is most important to me. I am grateful I participated in my friend's challenge & as a gift for you, I'm going to give you a peek into what my 'grateful for' month looked like: 1. Make November a month of gratitude. Each day, post as your status, something you are thankful for. It may be something big - or something small, the point is t


You have been warned. I am going to brag. But I want you to know that I am not bragging in an 'in your face' kind of way. I am just so happy for this family of mine. I am blessed to be the wife and the mom. And we have had a good month. It's nice to have those once in a while. We will start with my mr. He won an award. Our family was invited to a dinner and he was honored. The presenter said that out of 500 coaches he was chosen because, "he represents everything a YMCA coach should be." miss h. She got a score she's happy with. That is huge. miss s. While this is a picture of her musical hands, her voice got her into All State Mixed Chorus. (According to the high schoolers, the more advanced choir.) And she even had a cold. little mr b. He was one of three fifth graders chosen to read their essays on Veteran's Day. It was touching. And He helped his team get first place in their age division. little mr j. He won that run ( that I ran w

Chore Update

Just to let you know, this weekend the windows were washed and the flower beds weeded. Thanks to help from my family. Thanks, you guys!


Picture from here.  I didn't actually visit the website and don't know where he got the image-but it was too wonderful to pass up. I actually went to Sunday School today. Yay. I was looking forward to it because we would be discussing Ezekial 37-the one about dem dry bones. The reason why I was excited: the day of the run that my son and I ran in and I didn't die , we were waiting for their class to get called out for their turn to warm up in the gym. It was before Halloween and the PreKers were studying the skeleton. They learned a song and they sang it for us while we were waiting - in their best little Okie drawls. It was wonderful. The toe bone's connected to the foot bone. The foot bone's connected to the leg bone. The leg bone's connected to the hip bone. The hip bone's connected to the back bone. The back bone's connected to the neck bone. Then neck bone's connected to the head bone. Now he-ar the werd of the Loord. Dem bones, d

The Dog (part 8)

Why I am very unhappy with the dog, again. Score since this spring: Hoses 0 Dog 3.

Question for you, dear reader

I am getting ready to try to get on some "lists" of blogs. (In honor of my goal  - which I think might have been a little ambitious.) I don't really know much about this arena, but do know that when I apply or whatever it's called in this blogging world, they ask for my best posts. So, I know which ones I like the best-but I can't decide which to submit. I would like to know which ones you've like the best. Which ones do you think I should submit to catch these folks' eye? Please don't be shy-let me know which ones you like or which ones you don't. And my indecisive heart will be very grateful. Thanks!


There were 9 very specific things on my "to-do" list last week and I only completed part of one of them. (And my goal of writing at least two meaningful blog posts wasn't even one of the 9-should have been-but wasn't.) As my daughter would say, "meh." (I'm not sure what that means, but it seems appropriate here.) I did accomplish a lot. So I wrote those things down after the fact and crossed them off, so it would look like I was getting a lot done. Which I was. So, this week I have 9 extra items to add to my two that are on the list right now for this week and I wonder what I will get done that I don't know about yet. And, would anyone like to come wash windows or weed the beds (flower,that is-the inside one's are not that bad) with me?

The Load He Chose - Sunday School

(This was the summer loaner, we have a later model at this time.) When little mr. b came home and told me that all kids in his grade were required to take band, I said, "That's great." When little mr. b told me he wanted to play the tuba, I said, "Really, are you sure?  You already take piano and have pretty good rythm, maybe you could do percussion." (Real meaning "Tubas are really loud and big-are you sure you want to lug that thing around?") When little mr. b came home and told me that the band teacher had a private meeting with each child in his grade and chose the best instrument for the child, I reminded little mr. b of our previous conversation. When little me. b came home the day of his meeting, he told me, "Mr. S thinks the tuba is a perfect fit for me." And I rembered that some things should just be out of my control, because little mr. b wanted to play it and his teacher thought it would be a good fit and it's time for me

Sunday School

Today's Sunday School was very busy. So busy, in fact, I didn't attend. Instead, I sat in the foyer and talked with a woman who is replacing me in a position I've held for a year, helping serve the women in our ward (a ward is a geographical boundary that defines who belongs to which congregation - you can see what ward you are in -even if you don't belong to my church- by clicking here ).  We don't have paid clergy. More about that here. We participate and are giving "callings." That means we are given a specific job to do (if we accept-and we most always do), serving in different areas in the organization. I was the Relief Society (women's organization) Secretary. I have to say that calling has kept me on my toes. Tippy toes. Running. And I've loved it. Since I was the secretary, I took care of most of the clerical stuff & had the opportunity to watch the three women in the Presidency (President, 1st Counselor & 2nd Counselo


Stir frequently has a different meaning than stir constantly.

A Link to a Story that I didn't write.

Picture from here  but I think they got it somewhere else. But that fit And I needed: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Harshing on myself

I am having a really hard time with getting on here and writing anything lately. I love to write. I love to do this. I know there are a few of you who come to read. Not a lot, but a few. I love that but it scares me incredibly. I'd love to have more readers, but the thought of more people paying attention makes my ideas freeze up. I'm insecure about the things I put "out there." I've been to quite a few events in the last few weeks. The thoughts in my brain have been: "Sit back and be quiet, enjoy the people around you, put on your manners, ask about them"-anything to have any attention focused my way diverted. Maybe I'm going through another "shy attact.' Maybe I really am a perfectionist (I claim I'm not) who is afraid of putting something "out there" that isn't just what I think it should be. (And with all my grammer killing and typos, am I really a perfectionist?) Maybe by putting this "out there,"