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Whoop there it is

Little mr. j's basketball team's really grown a lot this season. They're taller, more coordinated, and a little more mature than last year. My son, well, he's become versed in the art of drawing fouls. Last weekend he told me his team lost because he missed two free throws. I told him they probably lost for a lot of other reasons too. I didn't know for sure because I'd only heard the 7 year old's version of the game as I was with miss s in Utah and missed the game. But I was told all about it later-according to my mr. - whom was very fired up about certain aspects of the officiators' using the rules towards the two teams fairly and equally- there were a lot of other reasons they lost the game. Phew. I'm kind of glad I missed it. So today we went outside to practice shooting (specifically foul shots) and he was having quite a hard time getting the ball into the basket, so I gave him a suggestion. I told him to hold his breath right before his f