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Sunday School

little mr. j gets to give a talk tomorrow in Primary. (Primary is the children's organization at my church.) Yes, they get public speaking experience at a very young age. Thankfully, he's got the courage to do it. I had one little boy who liked to hide his face in my side when I used to stand up there and give his talk for him. I think he's gotten over that. Although I secretly loved it when he did that, it might be really embarrassing for him (and me) to have me up with him when he gives his first 'youth' speaking assignment. (When they turn twelve, they are asked to speak sometimes in Sacrament Meeting - our main meeting with the whole congregation.) So to prove to you that I am writing. That I haven't disappeared. I give you his talk. It's probably not written well for its intended audience (3 to 7 year olds), but it's done. Happy Sunday School. Happy Primary. Happy reading: My talk today is about how prayer is reverent communicatio

Sunday School

From the AP/Washington Post So I've been gone for a while. Well not really gone, because I have been here. Just not here on the computer. Anyway.... Today we had a lesson that I needed and I am going to share it with you. Because if I needed it, chances are someone else needs it to. And yes, it was a lesson geared to young women. But what is a forty something year old woman if not a young woman in an older woman's body and brain? Lesson 39: Recognizing our Individual Worth Yes, I know I have worth. Yes, I know you have worth. But, sometimes the world can be a bit harsh and it's good to have a reminder. And the lesson might not have meant so much if I had not read an article yesterday about young women in India whose parents had given them a name that meant 'unwanted' having a huge renaming ceremony and choosing what their new names would be. And the lesson might not have meant so much had I not read this, ""Why don't more of us

Saturday is a Special Day

It's the day I will try not to go CRAZY. We have one church program practice, one football game, two soccer games, one trip to the lego store for one birthday boy who's kind grandparents are in town, a picnic lunch somewhere in there because we won't have time for stopping, two church meetings, a sweet friend in town from Texas visiting her dad whom we'd love to see but I fear our day may not allow (boo hoo hoo), one youth dinner and dance that I don't have to watch over because of the kindness of other youth leaders that my miss s will be attending after she speaks at that second meeting mentioned above. It's a little overwhelming. But - it's also mapped out on a purple piece of paper. So we're going to be fine. Right? I'm a little nervous. Tonight, ten minutes before tomorrow, I had the thought that maybe if I don't go to sleep, maybe tomorrow won't come. I know it's faulty thinking and we got ourselves into th

Marriage Advice & a Recipe

You know you're getting old when..... A friend from high school writes and asks for something for her daughter - who is getting married! This is where I am. And this is what I said: Dear C, I know you don’t know me. I am one of your mom’s friends from high school. Your mom sent an email asking for a favorite family recipe and marriage advice. While I don’t claim to be a marriage expert in any way, my husband and I are well into our 21st year and going strong. We’ve had some wonderful years together along with some very rocky and unpleasant ones. The wonderful ones are much more enjoyable. I hope you have many of those. Here are a couple of the most important things I’ve learned along the way: Let your spouse grow & change. Allow yourself to do the same. We got married pretty young. I would say that we are both probably on the third or fourth incarnation of ‘who’ we are. I’ve found time and experience changes people. If you don’t fight it, treat each other with

Sunday School mixed with a little politics of the day

Mormons = a nickname for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints We are Christian. Look at our name. Look at our people. If you don't believe it after that, do some investigating. Don't just believe the people around you, find out for yourself. Go to the source. (You can start here .) Learn our history. Learn what we believe. Then pray about it. And listen for your answer. (ps- so not a cult.)