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This Year's Christmas Fails

So, I'm just going to do my part to break the cycle of perfection that runs so rampant in the blog world. Nobody's perfect . We can try to look it. We can try to act it. We can try to post it. But, we're not. It's just how it is. As my gift to all those women who put too much pressure on themselves trying to keep up with the Mrs. Joneses out there on Pintrest, I give you yesterday and today and one from last year . Overnight turkey - This one I got from a woman in our ward. It looked good when she talked about it on facebook so I asked her for the recipe and she sent her entire Thanksgiving file over email, which was very awesome and entertaining and I'm very grateful.  I tried. I really did, but I think my oven's 170 degrees is less than her oven's 170 degrees. (The turkey does take a 300 degree stint at first to kill the bacteria.) And it didn't help when I came home from the grocery store yesterday morning and the oven was off

Turkey Update - Finally

We now officially have three Thanksgiving decorations living (albeit put away now as the holiday seems to have past rather quickly as are all the days of late) under our roof. Earlier this month, when we only possessed two, little mr. b asked if he could please put them out as he would like some decorations. Of course I said yes you can with the reservation that they would have to be put away sometimes because of some unwritten of stuff that we have going on with the house at this time. He agreed. So through the month of November, the two decorations would pop out and I would put them away and they would pop out again and I would put them away somewhere different and they would pop out again until I saw them and so on. Thanks to our school's first grade's create a Thanksgiving turkey program, we now have three decorations to play that game with next year. And I didn't throw up in the crafting process. Thought you might like to know that as well. Oh, and little mr. j

You get what you get

and you don't throw a fit.

Eve of the Vote

(image taken from friend's facebook page- I have no idea where she got it, but I like it so it's here) It's Monday night. November 5th, 2012. Tomorrow is election day. The first Tuesday of November. I've argued with myself quite a bit over this post, but when miss s came home with so much to talk about from her government class, I decided it was time to come out.  I've made a decision and I've made a decision to be public (haha- as public as this little blog is) about it. But really, I've decided that since one of the reasons this little blog was created was to leave a little legacy for my progeny- who will someday be adults- to let them know that, yes, mom did know a thing or two- even though they didn't used to think so, I've got some things to say. Things I've learned that maybe they can learn from. Things I really hope I'm not to late in telling them. Elections- You need to vote. People have died so that you can have th

The Dreaded Turkey Call

The note came home from the first grade teachers today (via email). Turkey Homework I know many of you have been waiting in anticipation, wondering about our  traditional turkey homework.  Well, the time to start your turkey is now.  Every  year, since the beginning of time when Mrs. R began working at O'school, the  first graders have created with their parents a "found" art turkey for  Thanksgiving.  You can make these turkeys out of anything you find.  Things found  around your home, at Wal-mart, or in your backyard.  We have had turkeys made of  leaves, balloons, beads, golf tees, feathers, etc.  The only requirement is that  this project be completed by both the parent and the child.  When creating your  art work,  be thoughtful about breakable parts and food that may rot.  The turkeys  will be displayed in our hall and on the tables during the Family Feast Day.  They  are due Nov. 13th. It's time to make our turkey . I'm quaking in my non-crafty boots.

Dinner Fail or Pride Cometh Before the Fail

I was so organized last night and this morning! I had everything set out and ready so our morning would run smoothly and we could all get to where we needed to be in a calm timely manner. I was especially proud that I had dinner made and in the crockpot. I should have known better than to feel that way. Ground Red Pepper does not, not, not equal chili powder. Had to leave the soccer practice people of our family a note. I believe this is the first time ever I've admitted to my cooking being dangerous.

What I finally learned today...

Owl pellets are expelled via regurgitation. Thank you very much. Good bye.

The mailbox that was


This week's family email

Hi from Oklahoma. The wind came back this week, it was almost 90 today and will be in the 40s by the end of the week. This week little mr. J's bus ran over a skunk that was 'sleeping' in the road and the mailbox at the school was knocked over but not by a mom in an SUV. I don't know what hit it, but my mr. drove by and said it was quite the early morning whoop te doo. I need to get more sleep and my mr.'s showing me silly British television shows on YouTube. Not good, but sure funny. miss s auditions for all state choir and has been practicing so much. She works do hard. We're praying for the best for her. Bought a bag of candy for little mr. b and his friend to enjoy while they hide in the woods and scare kids on Halloween. But not three year olds. Because if they scare any three year olds little mr. j is "going to come down there and punch them in the ....." miss h is doing her best at the Y and we are proud if her. She's getting to enj

In honor of October

I give you the following conversation. Me- Alright, little mr.j, your owl pellets have been on the kitchen table for a couple of days now. I'm going to throw them out. Him- Nooooooo. There're skulls in there. Did you see the skulls? Me- Yes, but I need the table back. Him- But I'm not done looking at them Have you seen them? Me- Yes, remember two days ago when we sat and you told me all about them and big brother kept saying, "you know where that comes from don't you?" And I kept telling him to be quiet. And then I thought that the owls pooped the pellets out, which I think now is wrong. I think now they must come up and out the other end but I haven't had time to research it yet and you told me they didn't teach you that in your first grade. Which I think Is a total missed opportunity. In first grade, gross is good. I bet if it had been discussed, you would know which end the pellet came out. But I didn't say all that out loud. I just

Dear Summer

We were so excited when you came this year. Thank you for our youngest child's first seasonal brain freeze. We enjoyed our brief rest away in Oregon, returning to enjoy the last few weeks with you. It's been a nice few months and we've enjoyed our time with you, but it's time for you to leave. The temperature forecast for the next couple days seems a little pushy, don't you think? Please, our time together was great, but you've got to make room for fall. We'll see you again soon and I promise, come January, that we will be singing your praises and looking forward to your return. Thanks for coming, now leave. Thank you, the family

Today We

Did a mini triathlon. Cleaned the church. Grocery shopped. Made dulce d' leche, but didn't check how to spell it. Played with friends. Got hair done. Had the missionaries to dinner. Ran thee and ten miles instead of twenty. Made and posted an inspirational music video. Some laundry. Said , "No, you can't play a game on the computer." Played water polo and wrestling and scratched each other up. Didn't notice two boys scratching each other up. Rode bikes up and down someone else's street. Forgot to do something. And I think there's more but I'm done for the day. This me is glad to be a part of such an awesome we.

wibbley-wobbley swing

I've always loved to swing. When I was little someone put lengths of an old green hose over the chains of my swing on our little swingset to protect my hands. My sister's hose was a different color. Mine was better. I spent a lot of time on that swing. And on other swings. Sometimes I could get someone to hold my seat up way high (which was oh so scary to me) and let go. I didn't like it when they did the run unders. I was afraid I might kick them. I don't think I ever did. Sometimes they would let go with uneven hands and the swing would go all wibblely-wobbley and not stay on it's expected trajectory. That got my nerves going. Hello. My name is the mrs. I've been on a wibbley-wobbley swing. I've enjoyed the experience, but I'm ready for it to even out. Coming back here feels like my swing is stopping it's wonky arc. So, here's where I've been on my swing (in kind of a chronological order): August 2011 - my youngest child start

My oldest fan died last night . . .

It's quite tragic. When I asked my mr. how long my fan had been around, he said, "Oh, twenty years or so." Which is an exaggeration. He does that. He exaggerates to the positive or bigger almost always. I say about 15 years. Our association started while we lived in Washington. But that's all beside the point, because my fan died. So I went out and got a new one. It's not as stand up as the old one. It's quite boxy, but it gets the job done. Poor fan. Rest in peace (or pieces-depending on where you end up). PS- thanks for stopping by. Your visit makes me a big fan of yours. And I promise I'm not blowing hot air. :)


This week in the hall at school, there were a lot of children going to and fro in class lines. I ended up walking next to one young class. A little girl looked up and me and said something that I wasn't sure I heard correctly, so I said, "Excuse me, I didn't hear you." So she said. "You're pretty." "I think I look like you, don't you?" I said, "Yes. I think we do look very much alike and you are pretty." I said it mostly for her. Because she was. I wondered why I felt so strange saying what I said. "Pretty is as pretty does." That's one of the loops that's run through my head since I was very little. I wanted to be pretty, so did pretty. Sometimes I did ugly, but I felt horrible. So I tried to not do ugly anymore. It's not a bad goal to want to be pretty inside and out. Along the way, after all these years of practicing, I stopped looking at the outside. I started only seeing the i

Verification - a gift

a little gift to you for you to see hope it makes you smile it sure made me (especially how the pop up positioned itself right above that headline!) I've been learning a lot lately and not having the time to choose to use to share with you is so very sad for me. So I am going to take a few minutes before I go to bed to rest my weary head and let you know what is going on with me, the mrs. I am working part time now. Last week, the teacher I work with made a comment to one of the students (after one of the students suggested that I would not be happy with them and do/say something negative) that she seriously doubted that Mrs. the mrs., would be capable of that. That in fact, in the few weeks I've been working with her, she has not seen me not smile. And I was amazed. Because she was right. I go to that little part time job that I found because I was in so much turmoil because the substitute thing was just not right for me and I was not smiling and I was not happy and

A Little Worn Out

These little shoes say it all. At last Saturday's game, little mr. j's soles came loose. It was hard for him to run and even after my mr. taped them up (again and again), he still ran a little awkwardly. The last few month's my souls been a little loose. My glued expectations came off. We taped me up the best we could and I think I am becoming more comfortable. little mr. j used his regular school shoes in tonight's game. They worked fine. His little team was seated 5th in their tournament and they ended up winning 3rd place. my mr. taped me up. Helped me create an impressive resume from a life where I thought not much had been accomplished. Encouraged me and has been patient. I feel like I almost have my regular shoes on again. Thank heavens! I will be going to work tomorrow at a job perfectly suited to me and I will be back home to give hugs when school gets out, make sure the backpacks get cleaned out and put away, and take care of the dear souls I'm

I write

but not lately. Just wanted you to know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Real life's just needed a lot of my attention. I miss here. I will be back. Love, the mrs.

Sunday School

Since I have been away, the snarky bugs have taken hold. That and my computer is now mute. Not deaf, just mute. little mr. b asked me if I would like him to fix it. I declined. This poor machine has been through enough. You have been warned. For today's Sunday School, we are watching a video. One that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I especially love the second verse. Have a beautiful day of rest. ___________________________________________ {{Hugs}} to my Tebow loving friends- I do appreciate the faith, just not what the world has warped his outward expressions into. (I hope I added the correct video.)

Oh Dear.

The computer wasn't the only one with a virus over the holidays. I was gifted with one too. And it was a doosey. One week long high fever (and the pains that came with it) over Christmas was not a beautiful experience. 2011's holidays are a very sad memory for me. And apparently along with the weakness I still feel, I am not alone. Because there's a message at the top of the screen that's telling me my browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Whatever that means. So I don't know if my computer is still not feeling it's best or if it lost something during it's stay at the computer doctor or what or if something in the Blogger world changed during our absence, but soon I hope to be feeling good enough to figure it out. Till then - don't get sick. It's not fun. And Happy New Year.