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Happy Banned Book Week

little mr. j and I went to the library this week and they had a very cool interactive display to celebrate. They had taken different books that have been banned, wrapped them in brown paper, and put a description of why the particular book had been banned on the front. On the back, they put the title and author-and a sticker saying "This book is for display only.  If you would like to check out a copy, please see a librarian." I laughed, because I had just wondered if we checked it out, would we get to unwrap it. little mr. j grew very impatient of my interactive display explorations. I was having fun guessing the titles & giving myself little "yay, me!"s when I knew which book it was. He wanted to know why I was so interested in those wrapped books. "Why did they put them out there?" "Why are you looking at those? " "Why are they wrapped?" "Do we get to unwrap them?" So I tried to explain what a banned book is to an a

One Mile

One Mile. One Preschool child, who has decided that he wants to run one mile. In the school’s fundraiser event. One Father. One Father who runs marathons and rides a bike in crazy races. One Father who would like to run one mile with the child, But will be out of town the date of the school’s fund raiser event. One Mother. One Mother, who has never run a mile straight in her life. One mother, who has a Preschooler, who has to have a parent run with him, In the school’s fundraiser event. One Mother. One Mother, who can walk really fast, even at an incline. One Mother, who has set a goal to be ready to run with her Preschooler In the school’s fundraiser event. So now you have the back story. I have incredible news. I RAN A WHOLE MILE WITHOUT STOPPING TODAY! That might not sound like much to some people, but for me it is huge. HUGE! You see, I can walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk. I can walk up hills and I can walk down hills. I can wal

Sunday School

Swim Lessons

I thought maybe I should leave you with a better image after that gross one in the last post. Here it is. And just so you know, he has sunscreen on. And I am grateful for people who can teach my children the things I cannot.                                                                                                                                    PS- I love this picture in many different ways.

Gross Summer Bokeh

If you'd like to know what "bokeh" is, go here. And if you don't want to go there- it's a form of photography. If you'd like to lecture the child who forgot her sunscreen, please leave a comment. If you'd like to have breakfast for lunch and dinner (we call it "blinner") or clean the kitchen, come on over. _______________________________________________________________________________ And explaination of "blinner." Our church starts crazy early. And, I am lazy and only like to fix one main meal on Sundays. So-this particular Sunday we had "blinner" and snacks when they all got hungry again later. Oh, and we usually only call it "blinner" when we are having what's know as traditional breakfast items when it's the middle of the day. Other days It's just an early dinner and mom's off the hook the rest of the day. ________________________________________________________________________________ And, If

Sunday School

To read what it says, go here. I just go back from the neatest meeting. I think there were probably about 200 parents and teenagers there. It was called "Standard's Night." --If you're Mormon (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), you'll totally recognize the next things I am going to write.-- We Mormons are a bit odd in the eyes of the world. We live by a pretty strict moral code. I have many not LDS (Mormon) friends & when we talk about parenting teens, my troubles and concerns are so far removed from what they know as normal American teen issues. I am so thankful for that. I am thankful the guidelines are spelled out so clearly in the little book above. If you'd like to see what one of tonight's youth speakers called the "Mormon teenager's handbook," click above where it says "here." You can read about how differently these teenagers live their lives. Better yet- go find one. Go find an active (meaning


Lesson: A big imagination is a wonderful thing. And will help protect your brainwaves.


(This is a picture of the sun behind a cloud. There's probably some relavance to this post, but right now I just like it and wanted to share and don't want to think too hard. It was in the sky, above my house. I think the picture would look better cropped, but I do not have that technology right now.) Remember me? My name is the mrs & I used to write good things. But I have been off as of late and now think I may have it figured out. Kind of. I need to exercise. I need to exercise my body and my thinker. I have found time to exercise my body. And made it a priority. Except when the handyman is coming or the kids need something. I need to find time to work that thinker. It's been hiding in books and brain training other people's children. And on facebook, but I digress. So, I will find the time to work it. Even if it means I will miss a little sleep. Even if it means I must be more organized with my precious quiet day time

Feeling Off

I wanted to give you a beautiful post. Full of words and a picture and peace. But I am feeling not so peaceful. Interactions throughout the week have knocked my calm-o-meter off center. Did it start with the weirdness with a cashier and an interrupting trainer at a store (not the dreaded WM) this weekend? Was it that Sunday nap? Is it because I'm finally managing our calendar & am actually on top of home things? I disagree with some of the methods little mr. b's football coach is using this year. (my mr. is not that coach-he is only a helper this season.) And I am keeping my mouth shut. For now. I thought I'd taught my children to not use their hands in anger. From what happened last night, I guess they didn't learn. (It involved 3 of the 4. Thank you, one who wasn't involved. I am grateful.) Thought I'd found a great handyman. Now I'm not so sure. But some major jobs are done & he's left me with more. It's Wednes

Today after school:

(Ok, really it wasn't today, it was the week before last & I just hurried and typed in a couple of things.  Original text is in this color . Finally I'm getting a few minutes to sit and ponder.) Today in the after school barrage, two phrases caught me very off gaurd: "I have to get a twitter account for my English class." "All the suggested historical movies for World History are rated R, but my teacher says they are all historically accurate." We always get goofy requests at the beginning of the school year. Usually it's needing funds for different things. Well, that and glue sticks. This year it's been $15.00. They older ones have needed $15.00 for a number of different things. Why $15.00 this year? Other years it's been different requests for different things or amounts. But-really, twitter & R rated movies? Here's your need to know: I don't do twitter. Really, my life just isn't that exciting. And I do believ

For a Laugh....

or if you are like us-a lot of laughs, because we kept playing it over and over and over. "Hey you dang woodchucks!"



or maybe today, because I haven't gone to bed yet, when I was out in the driveway, helping my mr., stain some shutters, that I need to find a handyman to help hang, my right eye started watering, and hurting and my nose started running and I couldn't see what I was doing, but I kept on staining anyway, because I wanted to help and I'm really good at staining. and then it started stinging so I gave up and went inside and got loads of sympathy from my children. two of whom had been out there helping their dad, but decided to do something different, which was probably a good idea. and I washed my eyes out and then closed them because they hurt and were very scary looking. and now I have a great new found empathy for people who have allergies. (it was really windy here today. hot and windy. i had sunscreen on my face and there were fumes. have no idea what did hit me. have never had that happen to me before. ever. weird.)

Sunday School

I haven't "done" Sunday School here in a while. So, if you are new, just to let you know- Sometimes I hold a baby during Sunday School & you get to hear all about that. (Two weeks ago, I got to hold the cutest little one who absolutely loved my hair. She grabbed it in a death grip & ate a couple of handfulls.-I had to leave the meeting, I was laughing so hard.) Sometimes I go to my meetings and something touches my heart & I tell you about it. Sometimes I get to teach something and I might tell you about it. Sometimes something has happened during the week that's got me thinking in a spiritul way. So, around here, Sunday School is a mixed bag. Like today, I was nervous, so I didn't go-to the official Sunday School-but that's ok, because they were having the same lesson on Jonah that I sat through last week in Texas, so I didn't feel too guilty. I joined the foyer crowd. You know those people who hang out and visit & don't g

Good Goop

Picture from and more info here. This stuff and a lot of elbow grease helped me get gum off our dryer barrel last week. Thank you Goop. You are my friend. You treat my family's stains in such a kind and gentle yet strong way. I am sorry we had to stoop to get all that goo off that metal barrel full of heat. Thank you for being there with me and the clean, dry, stretched out gum- when all my other help wouldn't work and I didn't want to try peanut butter in the dryer. Thank you for going the extra mile and cleaning off the blue stains from so many years of clothes depositing their dye. Each time I open the dryer and see the white spots where we worked, my heart fondly thinks of you. And then it thinks-we should do that again and bring that barrell back to its white days. And my brain thinks- No. So, dear Goop, until we meet again- say, like, tomorrow. Thank you.                                                                                                               

About another Texas friend I that caught up with me over the weekend...

Picture from here. When we lived in the Northwest and I told my child's second grade teacher that we were moving to San Antonio, she said, "Oh, watch out for the fire ants." And I said, "What is a fire ant?" And she said, "A very, very bad ant." And she was RIGHT. (She had lived there as a child & apparently has/had fire ant trauma.) Well, when I was taking that last picture in the last post, my foot found it's place in a North Texas ant's mound. A North Texan fire ant mound. Map & a mound of fire ant information can be found  here. Fortunately, while living in San Antonio, I became very adept at recognizing the tickly feeling of a bunch of ants swarming parts of my body and the familiar firey sting when they decided to bite. And, fortunately, I am a very good screamer, kicker, jumper and ant brusher offer. And, fortunately, I was the only one attracting the ant's attention. And, fortunately, I got my family's atten