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wibbley-wobbley swing

I've always loved to swing. When I was little someone put lengths of an old green hose over the chains of my swing on our little swingset to protect my hands. My sister's hose was a different color. Mine was better. I spent a lot of time on that swing. And on other swings. Sometimes I could get someone to hold my seat up way high (which was oh so scary to me) and let go. I didn't like it when they did the run unders. I was afraid I might kick them. I don't think I ever did. Sometimes they would let go with uneven hands and the swing would go all wibblely-wobbley and not stay on it's expected trajectory. That got my nerves going. Hello. My name is the mrs. I've been on a wibbley-wobbley swing. I've enjoyed the experience, but I'm ready for it to even out. Coming back here feels like my swing is stopping it's wonky arc. So, here's where I've been on my swing (in kind of a chronological order): August 2011 - my youngest child start