Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Manners - found & lost

I came across this picture from months ago - taken at a banquet honoring all the new eagle scouts in our district. Guess why we were there? :)

Our little cub scout came along to honor someone he looks up to very much.

While we were eating, I looked over and saw him cutting his meat European style.

We do not know where he learned this, but he is very proficient.

At dinner tonight he was sitting like a monkey with his food in his hands and sloshing milk onto his chair.

Maybe we should make all our meals be banquets.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

From yesterday

The Oklahoma wind was kind to us.
The wild fires from a few summers ago ran through this property.
Sadly, a lot of trees died.
But there are some beautiful ones left
and our builder 
and hardworking dozer man
are uncovering them in the overgrown mess.
 There was one huge dead beauty that had to come down.
 I would've loved to have seen her alive.

 Here's what I've learned in the past couple of days:
1. The wind has to be 10mph or less in order to get a go ahead (permit) on the burn
also, there has to be enough space around the big pile and the fire has to be babysat.
We are very, very fortunate the Oklahoma hot wind was/is taking a bit of a break.
2. I need to wear different clothes/shoes when I'm walking out there.

 Today's dirty feet brought to you by:


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Best Birthday Week Ever

Once for my birthday, my mr. built some beautiful shutters.
Best birthday gift ever.
I'm a tough one to gift.

But, I believe his gift has been topped.
I am so excited.

Pictures from yesterday.

8:10am ish

9:30am ish

 2:00pm ish

2:30pm ish

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


So little mr. b (who is now a lot taller than me) went on a 'trek' with his youth group (girls, too!!!) and a bunch of other congregation's youth groups. They were outside the whole time and needed some protection from the little critters. So I bought him this:

I thought, "Earth smell. Well, they're all going to stink anyway. Might as well smell a little earthy rather than chemically." 

Then I came home and tested a little out on my arm.

I failed to acknowledge the big yellow letters right above 'earth scent.'

Do you know what hunters use to smell like the earth?
It doesn't smell like earth.
And it totally would keep the critters, big and small, and especially feminine away.

I almost sent it with him.
But I didn't.

He had fun.
And didn't stink.

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