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Sunday School

photo of little mr. j eating a cookie that he and miss s made in the shirt he wore to church Phew. What a week. Here's what went down in Sunday School today. (And I say Sunday School in a very general way- really I mean, here's my take on today. What went down, what I thought, whatever comes to mind as I am typing this up at this hour that I really should be using to get ready for bed.) We will begin in the morning when it was discovered that I didn't do much laundry this week. The young men in our house went to church looking like a couple of urchins. Well, not really urchins, but there were no clean dress shirts for the little one and the only polo that would match the dress shorts-and I use the word dress very loosely-was in the dirty pile as well. And it was wrinkly and probably smelled, so he wore the same shirt he wear to "rodeo day" at school a couple of weeks ago. On the ride home, my mr. said he should have loaned him his bolo tie. That would have real

A Newstory

Grandfather: 'God Had His Foot On The Door' During Twister - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City Their shelter is almost exactly like the one we have. I hope we have the same help if we ever get hit. Here's another link to Yahoo coverage that has many different stories of the week's tornadoes: "Husband Gave Life to Save Wife...." I hope you all are safe. I hope you all are with me in appreciating the little things just a little bit more. Be safe!

My mom did call.

But she wasn't asking about the weather the first time. After she checked the weather, she called a few times. The problem is that the television channel she was watching from so many miles away is a national channel and they don't give as detailed information as our local channels do. Our local news gives very detailed information about when the storms should arrive and what their paths will probably be. Tuesday late afternoon & evening the storms rolled in. From what I've gathered living here, tornados and the severe weather are caused by two very different weather patterns colliding. Tuesday was a hot, muggy, grey day. Wednesday & Thursday-after the storms blew by-was beautiful. The temperature was mild and it was sunny & bright (except for a couple of little storms that passed quickly through Wedsnesday evening). I can not believe the power those storms hold. Unbelievable. This is what happened at our house on Tuesday: -around 3:15pm opened our st

Why I called the City of Oklahoma City and the insurance company this morning

This was the view when we drove into our neighborhood last Saturday morning. (picture by my mr.) Ok, I think it was last Saturday morning. It might have been Friday morning. I am not sure. I am pretty sure it was not Sunday. (It's been quite a month .) We'd had some big winds the night before. Then there were the horrible tornadoes way east of us last week and Joplin this weekend. Last night my mom called from Idaho to see if we had severe weather they were reporting, because they were watching the weather channel and they were worried about us. Weather channel does not get too specific. Local channels do. A little while after she hung up, the hail started. The local "panic" channel's main guy wore festive red tie with sequins. Someone on facebook said that the fancier the tie, the worse the storms. We heard him say our specific area about 20 times. The locals have told me that when they say certain areas specific to us, that's when we really need to


Quite some time ago, I thought I wanted to try to write for a commercial blog. I was wrong, but I did write something to submit in the process. Since we are very close to the three year anniversary of selling our San Antonio home, I'm going to share this with you. And later in the month tell you the real story of buying and selling that house. (Oh my word. It's just silly.) Here's the prompt I used: "Write a 500 word or less piece about falling in love with a home that you can't afford." ____________________________________________________________________ My husband got a new job, in a new city, in a new state. It was time for our family to move. We had three days in our new town to find a home. We must have looked at a bazillion houses. It was overwhelming and exhausting. The one we really, really liked was so much more than we ever thought we could have. It was light and airy and open. It had a big yard. It was on a cul-de-sac. It had a game room. It


It's storming big time right now. There's a towel at the bottom of the front door to catch the sideways rain that threatens my wood floor. I keep jumping at the booms shaking the window. Thankfully we are not on a tornado watch. Guess what? It Thundered in Dallas tonight. Yay. I have a theory. We moved to Seattle. The Sonics had a great few seasons. We moved to San Antonio. The Spurs had a great few seasons. We moved to Oklahoma City. The team formerly known as the Sonics followed us and are having a great season. We like them. They seem like nice guys. And one of them geekily wears his backpack clipped in front on his chest during the post game press conferences and it is endearing and awesome. Basketball likes us. And if we move (which we are NOT), you can bet on our new city's team to be winners in the next couple of years. I'm just sayin'. The following is from The Onion Sports Network . (Just in case you don't know, The Onion is parod

Some Months Should Come with a Warning Label

Image from here. Because this one is kicking my tookus. (tookus = behind, bum, rear, etc. & so forth) More on that tomorrow. Maybe.

Sunday School / or What I did this weekend

Friday morning I talked to my friend who was planning to do something very brave (& did). Because of something that had happened in one of her teenage son's classes, she was impressed to let the folks at the school know more about our LDS youth. She shared our church's For the Strength of Youth guidebook with our school administrators. She hope that it would help them understand where the LDS kids are coming from when they are making different choices than the majority of the students at their school. (Here's a PDF link  to that same guidebook. In it, you will find the standards that LDS youth strive to follow.) I think it will. It gives me hope. I think she is very brave & I am thankful that she had the courage to pass that information along. Friday night we celebrated the four young ladies from our congregation that are graduating (or did on Saturday) this year. The first part of the party was for families and close friends. At one point, I realized that alm

Running - Post Mordem

Not, really-I'm not going to do that to you :). What a crazy day. I'm glad they only happen once in a while. All I can say is thank heavens for vehicles that run & teenagers that I trust who have driver's licenses. (Which reminds me-I still need to tell you that story of "two weeks ago Monday" that is now half a year old.) I will tell you that at 11:15am ish, I tipped over on the couch and fell asleep. little mr. j woke me up a few times. I regained consciousness, made him a peanut butter & honey sandwich, gave him a cup of milk and a banana as well. He is a very patient child. He was on time for school. Thank you to Shari, Becky, Susie, & my kind mother-in-law (via email) - who all sent kind messages. Being a mom is a wonderful job. It's especially honed my patience and endurance. Now, a change in subject: Someone sent something oh-so-kind. And I get to share. Thank you MdmDragonfly ! She kindly awarded me (drumroll & great big w


my mr. and little mr. j out for a run Remember that last post where I was maybe going to fish for sympathy? Well today I really am going to do it. Even though I will be doing something moms everywhere do, even though I will be enjoying the time with my kids, in a little car that the older ones think is theirs but it isn't- that I can commandeer and say, "Who really owns this car? Driving it is a privilege. Don't give me that look.", even though I know I am truly blessed to have these kids around and the good fortune of a vehicle to drive while mine's in the shop & my mr.'s is at the airport parking lot-waiting for him to come home, (Oh, yeah, I so totally did not go fishing there yesterday.) I am going to feel sorry for my self for a few moments. Along with killing many, many rules of punctuation. Here is my morning from 6:00am to probably about 10:00am: 6:00am family prayer make lunches make breakfasts 6:15am take miss s to seminary wait in car becaus

Happy Mother's Day

May I list for you my weekend? (Maybe I shouldn't. Once in junior high a girl told me to "quit acting like that, you are fishing for compliments." What a hardened 9th grader. Sheesh. Ever since, I've tried not to fish or phish or whatever, but sometimes it just happens & besides this post won't be about fishing for compliments, it'll be about fishing for sympathy or empathy or a few "you poor thing"s. But don't fall for it, because really it's ok. I got a nap and we had ice cream and my favorite little video of all time -and the one I predicted would win- won the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos, so life is good. I am sorry there is no link to it, but I couldn't find one and I am too lazy to look anymore, but it was the one where the little kid had a video camera and was sledding and dropped the camera and thought he lost it and was saying all the things I would have said if I had been him and it recorded a conversat


miss h's Senior year has turned into a blur. Actually, her whole life has. The little toddler who tore up all the catalogs turned into the preschooler who took the mattress off my bed and wore my high heels. Then she began writing in second grade and turned into a poet. We'll just skip middle school and high school things here, because I am thankful some of those memories are now a blur. And we'll show you some real (not blurry) pictures from Senior Prom And gossip. (Even though gossip is bad, bad, bad and never has a good outcome- I must share this lesson.) Because this blog is about lessons. (Sorry.) See the purple dress? The purple dress dumped miss h's date a couple weeks before the prom. Two years in a row. That was a bad decision. Because she had to come to do the pictures and go with the group to dinner without a date. And miss h had a great time with a good friend. See what I mean, lots of lessons. And I have to share one last lesson. When he was look

Somebody Really Loves Cars

This boy loves cars. He would like to change his name to Red Ferrari. Seeing a corvette is like having a cupcake. So after his last soccer game this Saturday, while we were walking back to our car, I had to take a picture because he said, "Oh man, look at that car. It is totally AWESOME." Yes, mr. j, it is awesome. Totally awesome.


Sometimes my photography skills amaze me. Not. But as this is the only picture I have of lovely miss s receiving her National Honor Society Certificate, I must share. I must share how proud I am of her. Because who would have thought, after a very rough start in first grade and the subsequent years, that this little girl would work so hard and push through the first big life challenge she was faced with to make it here. Congratulations to you, miss s. You did it.

Sunday School