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Doo not ete me!

We did not eat the chalk turkey. We ate a different turkey. And it was the best roasted 'herb' turkey I've ever cooked/eaten. Found the recipe here. I also have a new phone/camera/life enhancer that I am learning and playing around with and found an app that little mr. b, my comic lover especially likes. (I really did love my old dumb phone, but it stopped speaking to me & I had to move on.) I've also been taught by that young man how to make a screen shot, so you can see what I used to alter that beautiful 'herb' turkey picture. Here's that for you now: I have one last screen shot for you.  I took it the old fashioned way. We paused the screen, I walked up to the television and took a picture. Because with all this 'herb' turkey talk, I had to laugh when the following popped up. (25 seconds - I rock in the running to get the camera category!) Apparently, followers of a certain cartoon will all soon be speaking Ferb Latin . And adding &#

Turkey Hunting at the School

Every Thanksgiving, our school has a traditional feast that the children invite their grandparents and parents to. It's pretty amazing. Here's a link to where I wrote about last year's event  and explained more about it. I still think it's awesome. And after substituting a few times, I am thinking it's an especially ingenious way for the teachers and administrators to have the opportunity to send those kiddos home with their parents after the feast and get a little time to themselves to get things done before their holiday. I heard that they were expecting over 1200 folks this year. Our lunch ladies rock. This year, I attended wearing a beautiful indian corn brooch   (that little mr. j wanted to give to his big brother instead of me, but we asked his brother if he would wear it and he said no, so yay, I got it) and an agenda. I came to hunt turkey. Because next year, we won't only be doing this: We'll be needing to make a t


Guess what I did last Thursday? Ohhhhh, it was so fun. my mr.'s has been talking to me about joining him in golf, but this was way better than golf. I went with this lovely lady , who happens to be someone I go to church with. And, I am thinking that maybe besides book clubs and play groups, the shooting sisters would be an awesome excuse to spend some time together. That and provident living. And just so you know- if you need me to come hunt your skeet, I am 15 (or 16) for 50 and I hit them better when they are coming towards me or rolling across the ground pretending to be a rabbit. And that the rifle I have access to is not as nice as the one we were shooting with, but I could still probably do ok with it. And apparently, my going on this outing surprised and brought great joy to my mr., who has gone on a couple of pheasant hunting trips the last couple of years and probably will not be going on any more.  When I was reading my friend's post

Has anyone seen the turkey?

No. Good. Because that was our Kindergarten assignment. Disguise it to prevent it's early demise. I think we did a fantastic job. Yay little mr. j and me. (Can you see the turkey now?) Happy almost Thanksgiving! (And FYI- I did not do most of this project. I did buy the red feathers, nag him to cut out the white paper feathers, figure out how to do the face, purchase fun foam for the pupils & brows (sketch, cut out, and prepare those and the beak to be glued on), ask him to color the feet black & explained why I thought he should do that, bought clear washable liquid glue, helped with face placement, and didn't get worked up when he glued the feathers on in the direction I thought they should not go- he will hand it in tomorrow. Phew.) (And FYI again- the instructions clearly stated that this was a 'family' project. Next year, in first grade, 'he' gets to build a turkey from scratch. We have already had one preproject pl

Benefit of having children....

Cheap Entertainment. (This one's from the archives, way before little mr. j arrived. We had the best day. It still makes me cry laughing tears.)

Life vs. Life Blogging

Before you read this post, I have a note for Geoffry & Anita - Thank you for your comments on the prior post. (Thanks to all who commented!) I am planning on moving forward with both your comments. Geoffrey, I am a big slow poke, so please have patience with me. Thanks! --the mrs. On to the post: __________________________________________________________________________ The last few months have been quite interesting. I had my little breakdown . There's been employment adventures for my mr. Let go from one position and on to a new one in one month. He's calling it his 'one month non-voluntary vacation.' His humble, grateful attitude through it all taught me much. I sure appreciate him. He's now working in a whole different industry that looks to be much more stable than his past. (He's moving from banking/insurance to energy.) The first week or so was a little disconcerting for me. It was hard to have him home. The middle weeks allow

Coupon Lesson Learnt

You can get to groupon if you click here . Ha- did you know that learnt is really a word? I thought when I typed it that I might be going crazy and maybe have been living in the land of y'all for a bit too long for my own English Language lovers good. Please click here  for proof of my ok-ness. Anyway. Stupid me. I bought a Groupon for an online art site and wasted too much time decide what I wanted to adorn my naked living room wall. It expired one day before I thought it did. Lesson to me: If you buy a Groupon, use it quickly. Do not sit on it. Because that is how they make their money. And why you will have a naked wall for a while longer. Got it, the mrs.? No more Groupon unless you move on it quick. Please remember. Thanks. (PS- just so you know, I wish I could be a couponer. I just can never remember to use them. Looks like this little flaw of mine lives on in the online realm as well.)