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You get what you get

and you don't throw a fit.

Eve of the Vote

(image taken from friend's facebook page- I have no idea where she got it, but I like it so it's here)
It's Monday night. November 5th, 2012. Tomorrow is election day. The first Tuesday of November.
I've argued with myself quite a bit over this post, but when miss s came home with so much to talk about from her government class, I decided it was time to come out.  I've made a decision and I've made a decision to be public (haha- as public as this little blog is) about it. But really, I've decided that since one of the reasons this little blog was created was to leave a little legacy for my progeny- who will someday be adults- to let them know that, yes, mom did know a thing or two- even though they didn't used to think so, I've got some things to say. Things I've learned that maybe they can learn from. Things I really hope I'm not to late in telling them.
Elections- You need to vote. People have died so that you can have the privilege. Don&#…