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Show and Tell - the letter F

See if you can guess the 'L' snack items we brought to PreK this week.  They're pictured above. Answers below.

Last Friday's email note to our PreK teacher (subject line regarding that day's show and tell):

Hi- little mr. j's item for F is -----"Forgot" :). Sorry.

(He remembered earlier today. But we didn't act on it--we were being silly and thinking of F words-good F words.)
I told him he could show all his friends and he thought about Foster as well. :)
But, we are remembering that he has snack next week and that they need to have to do with the letter L.
I will do my best.
Have a great weekend!
-the mrs who's real name starts with an 'L'

I would give myself an 'F' for fail as a mom, but little mr. j used his thinker.
When it was his turn to do show and tell he showed his FACE. 
Smarty pants.

'L'emon pudding
Ants on a 'L'og
'L'ime jello (we're Mormon- we had to bring the jello!)
'L'emon muffins

Young love

On Valentine's morning, when I went into little mr j's room to say good morning, he hopped out of bed and started looking for something on his little nightstand, behind his picture frame and in front of the little CD player.

He told me he had something special for me that he had been saving to give me for Valentine's Day.
Then he found it and gave it to me.
The bobbie pin.
The very precious bobbie pin.

Later, after he made made a cute little crown out of the leftover red paper valentine scraps, he brought me another surprise.
He had found it in our junk drawer while trying to find tape.
I had put it there long ago, hoping its owner would show up.
I am the new owner.

Then, he surprised me by bringing me a very special sculpture,
that he, "was very glad he had such strong muscles so he could make it for me-he was going to make an M for mom, but that would have been to easy."
I like my L.

Young love is the best.


Welcome to my messy office, that I sometimes share with my children. I love her hair. And I used to love that lamp, but it doesn't match anywhere in this house. We just need the light in here. It used to sit on the changing table/dresser when the boys were little. The shade has pee stains. I never knew how well those little shooters shot.
Anyway, Tonight I sang a song to two Senior girls and they laughed at me. Because I sang a song about there being two weeks left in February. They said I was wrong. That there were only six days left in February. So I sang them a song about there being six days left in February. And they laughed at me.
I like to write February. I like to say February. I think it's the 'ru.' It's unrusual.
As am I tonight.
PS-you Senior girls-I hope that the next six days will treat ru well and bring the news you want.

Sunday School

One of the writers of a blog that I visit (when I can steal the computer from my children or am staying up way too late) asked some questions for a project that really got me thinking. She is taking a class-I don't remember what it's called-something about religion and culture and identity. Anyway, the questions she asked really touched my heart and I've been thinking about them for the past many weeks. I thought I would share the questions and my responses with you.

1. Tell me about a religious experience you have had that made you who you are today.

2. Could you tell me a story or two that might attempt to describe your understanding of an Ultimate Reality or a higher power?  (I answered these first two together.)

I don't know if you can call this experience religious or just plain spiritual- All my older children (ages 13, 11, & 6 at the time - I think) were present for the birth of their little brother. They were cheering me & the baby on. My midwife (at the …


There are three unwritten posts sitting in my post list. Have I found time to get to them? No.
So, because this little becoming versed is important to me. And I need to write something. And because I think there are a few of you out there reading. And because it seems there are so many pregnant women and new moms everywhere I look and I am glad I've been through that phase. And because this is too funny not to be shared somewhere in the world. I am going to share a little bit of myself with you.
Well, my old self, because I now know better. Let's just say this was one of the times where it became very clear to me that I had a lot more to learn about life.
Before I tell you, you need to know that as a child and young person, I did not spend very much time around babies or mothers and their babies. Especially not around nursing mothers.
Here you have it:
I always wondered how nursing mothers knew whether their baby wanted milk or water. Because I thought one made milk and one made water. Then…

Sunday School- What all the girls are getting

Doing crafts gives me the willies. I am not good at decorating. And being girly is difficult for me. But, I am happy to say that  the Young Women in our ward will be getting a candy and paper Valentine tomorrow.
And these are they:

A happy smiley face prize for the first person to correctly say what candy is under each wrapper. Well-each wrapper except the dud of a picture dud one because you can see that one right below.

Thanks for helping with your wrapping skills, my mr. After completing the wrapping he decided to arrange, rearrange and arrange again the silly things. And count them. He counted 37. I thought I had 40. But I was at the store with three kids who were all trying to help me count and we'd been in the house for many days and I guess we'd forgotten how to count to 40 because we had the correct amount of each candy that I bought. Dang snow days.
Oh well, hopefully those girls will know they're loved.

Today is Friday - honk, honk.

And it is weird because we are just getting over more snow days.
Today, the little one's school is open, but not the big one's.
Score for the last two weeks for my younger kids: Snow days 6 School days 4
Score for the last two weeks for my older kids: Snow days 7 School days 3
So it's Friday, the day before two days off from school and our routine has been whacked for two weeks.

I did attempt to take the kids sledding at the bigger neighborhood hill yesterday.
It was on my list of "to dos" and they knew it, but when I asked them to get ready, they didn't want to go.
And then an hour and a half before we needed to leave to take miss s to a lesson,
little mr. j decided that he would like to go sled.
So we went.
miss h and little mr. j were the sledders-the other two wouldn't come out.
miss s was supposed to be cleaning her room, but she was in there all day and I don't think anything got done. (But I'm not going in to find out-that whole thin…

Big Life Lesson - Following Directions

Whether they be written, whether they be verbal-it's alway wise to follow the directions.
Example: Handwash, not dishwasher safe or  (and I'm sorry there's not photo for you with this one) Dishwasher & microwave safe, will get hot in microwave, made in China. (but they forgot to add-if it gets too hot in microwave, it will explode and you won't get to eat your leftover chicken enchilladas and that will be sad.)

Snow Day #4

Really Four Snow Days? The kids are starting to get concerned that this is seriously going to cut into their summer plans.

Which probably are something along the line of what's pictured here. (Snow Day # 3) Day #3 went well for us. Much less bickering than the earlier two days. Very pleasant.
I talked to a friend. Also a mom of daughters' friends. She said her family needed a break from each other. She dropped off her oldest and kidnapped my 2nd. And they all seemed happy about it.
Today (number 4) we got out of the house. It's warmed up some. It was nice to go out while it was snowing and not blowing.

Good snowball snow.

Good sledding snow-too bad I totally forgot about the awesome hill that everyone else in the neighborhood went to. Loser mom. Maybe I'll wake them up at 7am tomorrow morning so we can get a few runs in before it starts melting. Not.

This is what the sun looked like to my camera.

I tried to get him to stop eating the snow. He wouldn't. But said he knows not to eat sno…

Sleet, Ice, Snow & Wind Day 2011

Hi. Happy Sleet, Ice, Snow and Wind Day 2011. Oh, I forgot, cold. It's cold too.
And that big storm is moving North and East. Good Luck North and East.
Here's what we did today:
Watched the news. Because it's always on during severe weather and before severe weather and after severe weather. And there are very important stories to tell. Like three crazy college kids who decided to sleep in a tent.
And I learned that 'snowmageddon' or 'snowpocalypse' 2011 began here in Oklahoma. It's now over, but boy is is cold. Like coldest it's been in 15 years cold. I found that out on the news. And there are snowdrifts and a lot of people stuck in snowdrifts and when I say a lot of people stuck in snowdrifts, I mean a lot of people in vehicles who weren't able to hide out at home or maybe didn't get the news. (Ok, there were actually reports of tow trucks and firetrucks getting stuck. Pretty bad conditions.)

I took pictures through the windows. I did not go outside. my mr. did …