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Ok, so far this summer, I've stayed true to my nature and stayed up way too late and read too fast to remember everything I want.

Here's my 'so far this summer' brain dump:

This was my first official "read" of the summer. Too bad you don't get to read it for a while. Very enjoyable. Very. Keep writing, author! I will let you know when I am allowed to say more.

The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society The title kept me from reading this for a long time-and that was very dumb of me. Read it.

The latest in the 39 clues series. Fun. If you have a tweener, it's fun to read them together. We are very excited for the fall, when the last one comes out. Scholastic was very clever with the series.  They had different authors write each book. Rick Riordian (of Percy Jackson fame & also from the most wonderful city in TX) wrote the first one and got us hooked.

Follow the River My mom gave me this one. I told her it looked like a romance novel. She said it wasn&#…

The Dog (part 7)

"You are such nice people to put in a sand box for your dog." Really, No. It belongs to a little boy who can't get any playtime. _________________________________________________________________________--
True quote.
True reply.
But I can see why they said it.

To anonymous:

First--thanks to all who left comments! So glad that's working. Your help is appreciated much.
Second--the post:

Dear Anonymous NFL Picks comment leaver-

Please, please, please contact me.
Your amazingly beautiful run on sentence* has thrilled me to no end and you used "and" six times (if I counted correctly).

I am so in awe. There are butterflies in my stomach. I am sorry I thought it was spam and deleted your first comment under this post. Please forgive me. You clearly did your research and worked hard on your product.

(Other readers, if you don't know why I am saying this, please check here under interests. --I have added my love of run-ons.)

We must help you with your cause.
Especially if you keep writing the way you do.

And, please know-I am being for real.
I am a geek and believe that anyone who can pull off a sentence like that deserves to be heard.

Thank you,
the mrs.

*look at the comments after the linked post to read it

We got spammed

Should I be so excited?
Probably not.

It was a really long comment that made no sense at all about NFL picks.
Too bad it was so silly,
We might have all learned something.

I deleted it & changed the comment process to add that step of typing in the extra words.
(Ok, really I should know what that's called, but I am too tired tonight and don't feel like educating myself.)

Again, anyway-
Last time I did something like this, we had problems in the comments. Some of you couldn't leave them.
And that was sad.  Not that many of you comment much-which is fine-but if you'd care to-I'd love to "listen" to them. I do love hearing from you.

So, I'm going to do a test comment and if you are so inclined, would you mind doing the same?
And I promise that this is not me trying to see who is reading BV. 
I promise I am not testing you by asking you to test.

I am thankful you are reading.

And hope you come back often.

PS-If you do have trouble leaving a c…

The Dog (part 6)

We found a technique to get the dog to obey. All it takes is a light saber and a mask. Aparently Darth Vader is above her in our family's pecking order. I am not.

When She's Smiling

photo source-the beautiful smiling woman
I want you to know that ever since July 2nd I've been smiling (and obsessing about eyebrows, but I am going to stop that now because apparently I am the only person who watched that movie who was bothered by the eyebrows- and, after analyzing myself for a couple of weeks, I've decided that I am projecting my own eyebrow fears and past experiences and jealousies and now I am going to stop--after tonight's tweezing).
I owe somebody a prize.
A beautiful somebody who's taught me a very wonderful lesson. Please listen:
When I met her, she was smiling. And I can't think of a single time that I have ever been around her and she hasn't had a smile on her face.  And I know it's real and genuine. And it's had a huge impact on me. I know she's had trials.  I know life has thrown it's challenges at her (like it does at all of us).  From her, I have learned that even though it's tough sometimes, a smile can help you po…

Sunday School

OK, I have a confession to make.
I have not been a very good Sunday School student the past couple of weeks.
But, I have good excuses.

Last week, I "stole" someone's baby.
A beautiful baby, that little mr j is in love with.
He walks around the house singing her name.
And I've heard that there is at least one more little boy his age who is enamored of the little beauty.
I believe there may be more.
And that in a few years, there may be issues and adventures dealing with the affections of her heart and these wonderful boys.
We shall see.

Fortunately, she has a big brother who will protect her.
(A big brother who always has a smile on his precious face.)

Anyway, I got to hold her for two hours!
Two hours!
So I listened to the lessons and did my little responsibilities.
And really enjoyed holding her.

This week we had wonderful meetings.
Here's your message:

We need to be thankful for the sacrifices that have been made for us and sometimes we will be asked to make sa…

Smokin' Hair

I am so glad I don't have a picture of this one for you.
Because I think I might be a bad influence if I showed you how to improvise a blow torch.
But, I can use my words.

My hair was smokin' yesterday and it will be from here on out-
whenever I use my hairspray.
Because someone in this household used the hairspray to start a fire.
And I can't get the smoke smell off the can.

Quote from a parent in our house

Not me-the other parent.

Someone's bedroom in our house is not smelling too good.
Not mine.
And it's not just not good.  It's bad.

As a mother, it is my responsibility to let that child know that picked up does not mean clean and clean does not have a smell.

Child did not like me saying that and gave me a dirty look.

At that point, the other parent in this house said,

"Clean doesn't have a smell, but dirty has a look."

Child walked out, to her room and shut the door.

And she didn't slam it.
Clean doesn't smell - did you know that it doesn't?
When we use some cleaning products, the resulting smell comes comes from those things.
So, when you come upon a bleachy clean, lemon fresh, or piney clean smell, you aren't smelling clean.
You are smelling the cleaning product.
That you associate with clean.
So you think it's clean.
But is it?
You just aren'…

This Weekend

When I was in college, Saturdays were lonely days.  Sometimes Sundays were, too.
I would get all my to dos done. Sometimes hangout with friends. Sometimes not.
I often felt very alone.

That is not my life anymore.  I still try to get all my to dos done, but quite often they don't-which is fine by me. I am very not alone and I really am enjoying my life as it is right now.

And because my life as it is right now is very full, I am not having much time to sit and ponder and write about what I am learning.  But, I know my days are numbered and someday, I will have time. So for this little season, I will make lists and be shortwinded. And when that lonely time tries to sprout up again, I will have found ways to deal with it.

So, this weekend, I've been very impressed on the importance of people in our lives.

Here's some of what I did-involving people:

Date Night-dinner & the dreaded WM (which is not so bad, when my mr is with me)-during which my mr recieved a very kind phon…

Please and Thank you

I asked my daughters to please do me a favor and return something to someone for me tonight when they were on their way out to their evening activities.

I did not ask them twice.

I did not remind them as they left.

An hour and a half later, I paniced and realized that I had not asked them twice.

I had not reminded them as they left.

And feeling lazy, I was bemoaning the thought of walking down a ways to the neighbor and  having to return the thing.

So I went inside to look for it.

And it was gone.

And I got that "oh, no, I lost it and it's really important and I can't believe it's gone feeling" in my stomach.

And then the phone rang.

It was one of my daughers asking  if they could stay at their activity awhile later, they were having fun.

And I said yes.

And did you see where that thing happened to go.

And she said yes.

We took it back.

And I almost cried.

(Does the word paniced look somehow wrong to you? It does to me. It would look better spelled panicked or p…


Picture and a wealth of information found here.
I am extremely grateful for the inspired men who gave all they did so I can live as I live.
in·de·pend·ence  [in-di-pen-duhns] –noun
1. Also, independency. the state or quality of being independent.
2. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.
3. Archaic . a competency. Origin:
1630–40; independ(ent) + -ence Synonyms
1. See freedom. "Signing the Declaration of Independence" by J. Trumball Picture found here. If you'd like to read a transcript of the Delaration of Independence, go here. For wikipedia descriptions, details and explanation of the Declaration go here. And for what I believe, go here. (And if you go there, you get to count is as today's Sunday School.)

The eyebrows drove me crazy!

Eyebrow template found here.
I want you to know that I am having a great summer. I also want you to know that my children eat my life. Especially in the summer. And that's fine by me. So, sometimes you might hear from me a lot, sometimes you won't. I'm beginning to think that all my communications for the next eight or so weeks will be very brief. Unless I can steal an hour somewhere. But really, I don't want to steal from my kids, they are nice & it would be a very bad example.
Today I: didn't excercise slept in brain trained forgot to go to a meeting that I sent out the reminder for oh the irony got a phone call hurried dried my bangs went to a meeting ate a protien bar didn't eat lunch watched younger three children in the backyard with the dog and the hose and water took pictures of them made  bed one load of laundry took two children to the pool because they were wet laundered two children at pool because I had shampoo in the bag looked up movie times didn't make sloppy joes fo…