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The List

(my very cute next door neighbor, L, took this incredible picture- she was standing at the end of our driveways-this was the Sunday of S's graduation & the weekend we met D) I had been saying how much I loved my boring life. I shouldn't have tempted fate in such a large fashion. For more my sake than yours, here's a list of life events since August 2012. I'm sure I've missed something. Pretty much every item on the list could have three or four sub-items listed. It really seemed to amp up right before spring break. That's when we hired a new realtor and she hired a "stager"who wore stilettos on our wood floor and made a mile long list for us to accomplish in two days. It seemed like every time I thought we were getting a handle on things, there'd be a phone call or someone would come to the door or something would happen and we would not have a handle on things. So I'm going to take a big risk and say that life seems to be coming back