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Another Big Life Lesson

Image from here. Some days are awesome. Some days aren't. Some days feel like you've been hit in the face with a frying pan. That's just life. Frying pans! Who knew? Right? --Flynn Rider

My waterballoon lesson from today

Image from here. Water balloons are made to hold water not air. Random, you say? Why yes it's random - unless it's something you never knew and you are in charge of an activity at the church tonight that involves balloons and darts and all you have are water balloons. No worries, though. Problem was discovered in enough time to visit a merchant and procure the proper inflatable devices and one young son with tuba trained lungs said he will use his talents to help blow them all up. Yay. The additional lesson: Early prepping.  I am so glad I was preparing early for this activity, or it might have blown up.

Sight Words

little mr. j  has a growing stack sight word flash cards for his kindergarten class. (Words he is supposed to know when he sees them instead of sounding them out.) He knows them already ( thanks to the awesome mom that I am ), but I still think we need to practice those sight words. Last night while I was doing something on the computer, I gave him his cards and asked him to please go through them. I was kind of listening and had to laugh when he read these cards - in order - one quickly after the other: green and go  What are we teaching these kids?

Why I don't like football so much

video of practice fall 2010 This video shows some of the reasons. I know they're all normal football things. But, sheesh. (I have more reasons, fyi.) little mr.b's first official game (this season)  is today. Season lasts through November. Hmmm. Wish me luck.

I might be having an identity crisis, but the purses are all Misty's fault

You need to know that I do not often buy things for myself. I'm not a 'things' type of gal. In fact, even when I need 'things,' it's torture for me to find 'things' that I like. So when I receive birthday money, quite often it sits in a drawer in an envelope with my name on it and waits. Sometimes for a very long time and then I decide that we need a basketball hoop and it goes towards that. (I like the basketball hoop.) A week ago last Monday (which reminds me that I still need to tell you our week ago last year story from the DMV that still makes me want to throw up when I think about it-anyway...), I decided that my pity party was over (in part, and in thanks, to you wonderful women who sent wonderful support and advice here and on FB-I am very grateful) and it was time for me to do something instead of moping around home. I had two items 'to do' on my list. One involved visiting the school and one the items pictured above. That mor