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Fail to Sell

Treading life.
Not a recommended way to live.
Because things happen to say-
Hey, it's not working for you.
See - you failed.

Like we already didn't know.
Head smack.

These came about a year ago. We chose a realtor who didn't really market our home. Just put it on the list and that was about it.
Put the house on the market in November.
Bad timing.
We knew better, but oh well- people were moving to OKC- chance to sell! Let's move on it.


Failed to sell.

Found a new realtor.
Big suggestions.
Marathon house prepping days.
Back on Market in March.
Offer in April (I think).
Weirdness ensued.

If I ever go through that again,
No will be my new answer.
No, it's not convenient for you to show the house 14 times (exaggerated a bit) in a week to all your people and then after a dozen inspections threaten to pull out of the deal a week before close because you just realized something wasn't the way you wanted.

Old pushy realtors shouldn't bully young new …