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There's a Fence Blocking Me

This is one of many pictures that I did not take. I was driving on a freeway and didn't feel like it would be very safe to take my attention off the road, but wanted so badly a picture of the Utah mountains that I said to my awesome cousin, Heidi, "Would you please take some pictures for me?" And she did. And I'm glad.
Because it looks like I'm having my annual (maybe bi-annual or quarterly) mental freak out. This time it's my identity. Well, my future identity. Who will I be? What will I do? Why can't I get it together and keep up the house?
I have a daughter leaving in June to start college. (That's what prompted the Utah trip-checking out things.) I have a baby who'll be in school full time in September. I have a husband who is very involved in lots of things, but still likes some attention. I have two other tender hearted kids who have their own special needs. (And I don't mean they are special needs kids, I mean they each have things they are dealing with - t…


Image from here.
I finished our taxes. I know I should have done this before March 1, as we now have a "student" in the house, but, I didn't, and now we will deal with the consequences. Oh well.
I will do better next year.
And I will learn more about FAFSA.

"Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle and then made me such a stinky warrior?"

 little mr. j has had a weird fever that comes on hard and then breaks (very sweatily breaks).
Then it goes away for a while and then it comes back. He plays, plays, plays and then crashes.
I've kept him home from PreK since Wednesday.
He's been doing better today. That fever tried to pop up again at 10am, but I think we made it go away.
Today was class picture day and I didn't want him to miss that, so I emailed his teacher (yesterday) and asked if it was ok if I brought him in just for the picture and she called back while I was taking a nap with him and his breaking fever on the…


These are not mine. Mine cost a lot less than these ones. I got mine at Westlake ACE Hardware. I don't know which lake it's West of, but if it's the lake I'm thinking of, Ace is REALLY West of it. The snazzy image came from here.
So here's a list of what's been trimmed, cut down or taken out this week: a baby field of  love grass (ok, this was trimmed the week before, but I'm still counting it) 8 wisdom teeth little mr. b's finger and toe nails (finally) my eyebrows (actually, plucked) dead decorative tall grass in the landscaping dead decorative tall grass in the landscaping dead decorative tall grass in the landscaping dead decorative tall grass in the landscaping dead decorative tall grass in the landscaping crazy knockout rose bush crazy knockout rose bush crazy knockout rose bush (I know this was wrong, but they were driving me crazy.) And, because I was on a tear yesterday (it began with the deads and ended with heads), little mr. b's hair little mr. j's ha…

Sunday School

I hope this week that I'll not be in the thick of thin things.
How about you?

Widsom Lost (actually forcibly taken)

So, I am probably a horrible mother for posting these pictures, but I have to. I can't help myself. This is a memory that needs to be preserved. And since we didn't get to bring any teeth home to leave for that dang tooth fairy, this is the best the girlies are going to get; their painful day told from their mother's perspective.
1. I was so nervous for them last night that I didn't fall asleep until 3am. 2. Getting up super early on a beautiful Spring Break morning to drive them to their pain. 3. Doubting the wisdom of deciding to do all eight teeth in one day and doing it at all while watching the requisite "person caring for the condemned" video. First feeling that I might just loose my breakfast. 4. Waiting and wondering why it was taking so long & then being taken back to the first girl coming out of her anesthetic in a very crying manner. (Said girl also having the breath of death.) Poor thing. She totally reaffirmed my belief that that type of thing i…

Dang Tooth Fairy

Image found here.
The tooth fairy has a bad history at our house.
He/She doesn't come for days on end.
Sometimes weeks.

Tonight that is going to change.
I hope.

I talked to one of my friends about their family's tooth fairy and she told me that once, their fairy forgot to visit for over a month.
Guess how much that child received when the fairy finally visited?
Yeah, a lot.
I guess that fairy must have had much guilt.

Our fairy probably doesn't feel guilty yet, probably just shame.
I'm thinking mr. b might do well tonight.

I'm also thinking that an enterprising child might use the delinquent fairy situation to his/her financial advantage.

Here's the plan:
-loose the tooth
-quietly, while everyone's distracted, make the "guess what?" announcement
-hide the tooth
-once a week, while everyone's distracted, make the "no tooth fairy visit" announcement
-after a sufficient amount of time, make that announcement in a much louder voice, stre…

Sunday School

I am forcing myself to come to Sunday School tonight.
I know it's good for me. I know I'll feel better after I write.
It's just so hard to sit still here and focus, when there are a bunch of other things I could be doing-like reading that book I had a hard time putting down last night or getting a drink of water.

But, I am sitting here in the little office with my mr. who is not talking to me because he is writing a talk. (Yes, another talk, can you believe that? Actually, he's going to be speaking ~ giving a talk ~ quite often now. He got a new *calling a little while back.) He's going to be speaking in our *ward this coming Sunday and I am going to miss it because miss h got the news she was waiting for and we are going on a little journey to visit her soon-to-be new living situation.

my mr. was asked to talk about "the more excellent way." I don't know exactly which scripture this is based on. I would look over his shoulder and be nosey, but I'…

Dear Amanda,

Picture from here. Where I wish I'd bought the pineapple from.
Whew. What a week. (Actually, what a two weeks.) And I still have much to do. So, I will leave you with a thank you note that I need to get written. And it might be telling about the state of my mind of late.
Dear Amanda, Thank you for finding the pineapple in the car. I had been wondering where that funky fruity smell was coming from. I looked and looked but couldn't find the source. You did. Thank you. Love, the mrs.