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Turkey Update 2013

Yum Yum Yum  Meaningful art experience  Au natural Maybe my favorite
Tradition again this year as we attended our little school's annual Thanksgiving feast for 1500. Phew.
Have to share my favorite disguised turkey or art turkey center pieces. Good thing there's so many first grade artists to decorate the tables!

And, FYI, our own turkey rocked this year! I followed this recipe and people - we have a winner!
Unless we get brave and decide to start frying, it will be our family's favorite.


You can't see it, but there is a little silver boat inside a bowl of water inside the sink he is leaning on. He has a wet paper towel and a green cup. "I made a whirlpool and now here comes the rain" he says as he squeezes the wet towel over the little silver boat that's not supposed to sink but happily is because of his efforts.

Last Saturday, we had no "have to dos."
Tonight's were light.

It's nice to feel the freshness of choosing what to do instead of the stale "have to," even when the "have to" is a great thing.

It's nice to just be able to lean up by the sink and play in the water.
Or- hit the keyboard.

I believe- as far as my "have to" might constrain me- I am back.

Word - I got versed.

Attention Blogger domain owners:

If you haven't found out yet, it's a major whoop-dee-doo to update your payment settings with the new Google Blogger deal.  It'll "Bloggle" your mind!

Please don't spend hours like me trying to figure it out - 

Get past that stinking "admin console invalid request" problem. Here's what worked for me... and finally got me past the awful "invalid request" message. Be sure to follow the directions. Where it says 'REPLACETHISWITHYOURDOMAIN.' you need to do just that. Replace it.

(Once I did the "Reset  Password" option, I found my eyeballs getting all blurry and it took about 10 more nervous minutes to complete.) Found at this link.

Best answer

LMcKin51-Power Posters/TC
Sep 3

Try reset your password

You will have to reset your Google apps Password now as Now when you purchase a domain through Blogger it will now automatic create a Admin account called BloggerAdmin  and once you reset your G…

It's time

It's time for me to start writing again.
Just been stuck at a rest stop for a very long time trying to determine whether the hard lessons I've been learning are ok to share or not.
I feel like today is the day to decide if I just stop or go on.

Last night I ran into an acquaintance & in our short visit I told her how I wished I could just have three uninterrupted hours to really work on a house plan. It's killing me that we haven't even got that far with the new house.

Last night, my car started having trouble. This morning it decided to get stuck in park - until the tow truck driver tried backing it out of the garage. Then it changed gears just fine. I took it in and hopefully it can be fixed - for not too much $.

The teacher I work with texted that she had a fever today and would not be coming in.
So, I asked if I she would mind if I just worked on getting my issues fixed today & she said that was fine.

I didn't realize I had so many issues.
The last year…