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Yay! Look what I just found. What a nice surprise. I should open my eyes a little wider. I might see fun things like this a little more often.
To see where it came from click on this link. If you don't want to click over, here is the text from "The One-Minute Writer."
One-Minute Writing of the Week: the mrs.
I choose one of the daily winning response from each week and feature it as the One-Minute Writing of the Week. This is for the week of 11/14-11/20.

One-Minute Writing of the Week:
Writer: the mrs. (Sunday's winner)

Prompt: Books. How do you treat the books that you read?

If the book I am reading is delicious, I eat it. Quickly. Late into the night, I'll be exhausted the next day, read until my eyes won't stay open anymore gulps.

If I start in and don't like it. I read a few bites and then it sits like leftovers on my dresser gathering dust.

Congratulations, the mrs.! You're welcome to put a One-Minute Writing of the Week Winner button on your blog. Click…

Book Report

This came in the mail after I'd finished my summer reading. It didn't help my state of mind.
It didn't help because all this summer/early fall, I was reading young adult dystopian or apocolyptic novels. And they made me nervous.
It all started with
and then of course, I had to read
and then I needed to know how it ended. So I read
(Images from here.)
And, just to let you know, when I read, I tend to really empathize with the characters. I kept asking myself, "what would I do? what would I do?" And I didn't know the answer to that question. I was bothered at how close to our society some things in this made up world came.
I do know a very young lady who totally could be the main character. She rocks. I'm totally counting on her if times like these ever come around.
Then, because I hadn't stressed myself out enough in the genre (because for me, I lump the two genres together), I read two more books.
Photo from the author's blog.
The first two shown. I am too freake…

Very Important Hygene Lesson Having to do with a Razor

This is not the razor I use. But this is the website the picture came from.

This weekend, I learned that razor blades placed facing the correct way on the razor handle will do a wonderful job.
That was a good lesson to learn after a very hairy & confusing month.
May your blades always face the right way.
And may we (and when I say we, I mean me) please stop knocking mine off the rack in the shower.

The Buzz

Are you aware of the buzz about LDS (Mormon) women who blog and the people who read them?
Apparently there is a buzz.

And now there is a call for people who are not LDS, who obsessively read these blogs to tell a reporter from the Wall Street Journal why.

Oh, what a buzz.

I realize I am not a typical mormon mommy blogger- crafting gives me the willies and none of you are obsessively reading here, but if you'd like to check out the call, here it is on Mormon Mommy Blogs.

And here's a link to the article that started it all "Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs."
It's from

Sunday School - Do you know who you are?

For the text of the entire address go here: "The Reflection in the Water."

Emoticons don't translate well

I learned that if you type a less than sign and a 3 on facebook, it will turn into a heart.
On blogger comment, it won't.
Now we know.

Very Unexpected

I have a friend, who has a blog, who knows how to connect with other people in this cyperworld we're in right now. And because she is saving my hide this weekend by doing a huge job that I was supposed to do only I couldn't do myself &I'd tapped out most all of my other folks I could delegate to - I will not hide my head under a blanket because what she did slipped me back into my weirdo neurosis of 'oh my heck people really read this thing/I can write, I really do want people to read this thing - argghh what a conundrum.' I will graciously say, thank you. And follow the directions.

She sent me this! OOOLALA. I think she really likes me because I baked her bread one time or maybe because she loves the dog more than I do. It can't be because I'm stylish.
But, I am grateful Because of her some of you came to visit and I like it when you visit (as long as I'm not in my head under the blanket neurotic place.) Thank you Crazy Writer Girl.
So, here are the directio…


I love it when I think I am doing one thing and something altogether different is the end result. Except when I'm making dinner. (I love this picture. I would please like to go back.)

Sunday School - Prayer

For over a year now, every time he prays, little mr j has been saying, "please bless the people in Haiti."
I've wondered if I should tell him to not always say the same thing in his prayer.
And then I think about those poor people and all they need.
And what a gift his little prayer might be for those on that devastated island.
And I don't say anything.

Do you pray?

In the young women class I attended today, the lesson was on "Living the Gospel Daily."
One of the tenets was that praying daily helps us live the Gospel daily.

And I thought about how I was taught to pray as a little girl and the blessings I've seen in my life because of prayer. And I thought about little mr j's words that he says in his prays. I thought about how he is learning to say his "thankful fors" and how he has been very concerned about grandma's back and his friend Jack's dad's back as well. I thought about the time in high school when I was at a gym in a…

Practical Joke (One of the stories from a week ago Monday)

When I was at the DMV with miss s for the second time (the other story from a week ago Monday), I got a very upset phone call from her sister, who was on her lunch break at school.

She told me that some of her 'friends' had put an ad on craigslist, using her telephone number, for a free house and when she turned on her phone at break, her battery was dying, voice messages were full and had a ton of texts.

And she was very upset. She asked me to please get on the computer and try to take it off or flag it or something. But I couldn't, because I was dealing with something else and didn't have the technology available to deal with it-but I promised to deal with it as soon as I got home.

When I finally got home, I couldn't find the ad. It must have been taken off. Thankfully.
But that wasn't stopping the calls and the texts.

miss h shared them with me when she got home from school. Here's a sampling (some are texts, so they're typed like a text):

A free house? So…

Another visit from Ryan

Who remembered me from his last visit.
Which is chronicled here, back in the blog's baby days.

And this time it only cost $55, because it wasn't an emergency or in odd hours.

Do you ever have household issues that just keep coming back to haunt you?
My garage door (and it's opener) has issues.
It's not like it doesn't get enough attention.
It's well used, like many, many, many times a day.
It's not even very old.
I guess sometimes the things that need you the most cause the most problems.

For over a week, our garage door opener has been very choosey about who it would open for.
It opened many more times for my mr than for me. I don't think it likes me. I bet it thinks I use it too much.
Once, when I thought I wasn't going to work & I was going back inside to get the stool, so I could reach the lever to deal with it, so I could get me and mr j out of the garage, it decided to spook me and open a few seconds after what we've gotten us…


Picture from here. (This is not my honey bear. My honey bear has a yellow flat top and is not all fancy pointed head flashy like the one pictured above.)
I am here to confess that today I maimed the honey bear. It now sits leaning forward a bit. Kind of like my mom, after she hurt her back and had surgery in 2010. You can't see the injury, it's just changed how my honey bear holds itself (I don't know if it's a he honey bear or she honey bear. Not sure how to figure that one out.)
It's better than what I did to the last honey bear. The bear that made me swear that I would never have another honey bear because of the hurt I inflicted. It went in the microwave. It shouldn't have. And it was maimed beyond standing and had to go meet the great honey bear in the sky, or the landfill, or the recycling plant. (I don't remember where we lived at that time- I just remember the poor crippled honey bear.) It was a very sad day.
Until I got this new honey bear And I did swear to ca…

Sunday School

Picture from here.
Tonight I got to attend a meeting where a gentleman talked to some teenagers about spiritual safety.
A story was told and I am going to try to retell it. My retelling probably won't be perfect, but I think you will get the meaning.

In the 1800s there were some people who needed to take a wagon over a treacherous road. It was so treacherous, in fact, that they decided to hire a professional driver to complete the task.  Over the mountains, this road had a spot where there was a curve with the mountain on one side and a steep drop off on the other.

There were 3 applicants for the position. There was one interview question.

"How close can you drive to the edge of the road without loosing our load?"

The first interviewee answered, "Going full speed, I can get it right on the edge and take that corner no problem."

The second interviewee answered, "I can drive that wagon at full speed, around that curve, with one wheel hanging over the edge an…

Midnight Identiy Crisis

So it's late Saturday night. There are a lot of other things I should be doing rather than being on the internet.
And I am so sorry I got on.

Because-- In my exploring visiting BlogFrog, I found another lady named the mrs!
Only she spells it differently with a capital M and a punctuation mark.
So, of course I had to stalk check her out.
And I was relieved.
'the Mrs.' has only been around as that name for awhile (November 2010)
and it seems quite different than our little space.
While me, the mrs has been around as this name since August of 2009.
But this the mrs isn't much into public relations like the other the Mrs.
And this the mrs doesn't know whether she wants to use a punctuation mark after her name.

But I do wonder, because I used to visit BlogFrog and comment a lot.
And the name I use is the mrs.
And I saw the Mrs.'s alter ego (the PR company) there quite a bit,
although I remember no interaction.

I know there are a lot of other mrs's in this world…

Finally, an expert I am

When I get rich, I'm going to buy this picture from here.

I was in the produce section looking for a very small onion and next to me, I noticed quite a commotion near the potatoes.

Being the nosey nell that I am, I listened in.

One produce guy was yelling over to another produce guy, "Hey, this lady (not me) wants to know what the difference is between a russett potato and an Idaho potato."

Little did they know that in the past five minutes I had walked by the produce big empty bag and box pile that they so kindly leave out in the way and jumped for joy when I saw Idaho on the label. More precisely, Blackfoot, Idaho.

And so, I butted in. Because, finally, something I know. I know, I know, I know.

"Excuse me. I know about this. I grew up in Idaho (mostly Southern, where the potatoes grow-a few years more in Northern where the lentils are, I like them as well but don't know quite as much about 'em). I am an Idaho girl. I know potatoes. (If you checked my DNA, i…

Happy New Year! (Better a few days late than never, right?)

There was a lot of commotion in our house New Year's Eve. It was great. And loud. I'm a big fan of quiet, but I know our season of loud is short, So I deal with it. And I've even started to enjoy it a bit. I just plug my ears and watch. (Because it's so loud, I can still hear through my plugged ears-so I don't miss anything.)

So as I was taking pictures, (with unplugged ears, by the way--brave me) I stopped to really look at them. The kids were all moving so fast. So many of them (pictures not kids) were blurry.
And I saw these pictures. The red party blower (the kind that rolls out when it's blown and rolls back up when there is no air being forced through it) -that came in our "Happy Party Time" box from the store- brought so much joy to little mr j.
The pictures. The pictures to me show what my life feels like right now.
These kids bring me so much joy. Sometimes their 'noise' is overwhelming, but their young lives are moving so quickly It hard to capture the moments. …