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Sunday School

I know, finally a post!
I have to.
It's Sunday.
And it's Pioneer Day.
That's a pretty important day in my culture :).

Today we trekked to Woodward, OK and attended services there at their precious branch (very small congregation). Very nice people in Woodward. Very nice.
my mr. had a speaking assignment and he asked me and miss s to speak with him.
So my husband, I and our three children still living with us, made it there.
(miss h is having a very fun pioneer weekend in Utah!)
We left very early this morning with a picnic (to be eaten in the car) breakfast and lunch.
At about 154 miles, it took us about 2 1/2 hours.
If we were handcarting it, and we were going at a super good pace of 20 miles a day, that would have taken us over a week.
Isn't that incredible?

I would have melted.
I am thankful that we drove.
And I am thankful for air conditioning.
And I am thankful for the pioneers that went before me.
Very thankful.

Can someone please give me kickstart?

I would be very grateful.
I've stayed up wayyy too late tonight in honor of the good old nights of last weekend.
This time it's Jerry Maguire's fault.
Dang tv.

And of course I didn't power down the machine and
kept telling myself, it's on the DVR-
but I was enjoying that Toyota facebook commercial with the girl who "mostly read an article" too much.

And then I walked by the office and the fan was on
and instead of turning it and the computer off,
I told myself that I could check just one thing online.

So here I am.
I checked more than one thing.
Dumb choice.

I have not been able to get myself into doing what I need to since end of the busyness of the past month.
I am hoping tomorrow will be the day.
I doubt it will, but it's good to hope.
Please kick me if you can.
And goodnight.

Tomorrow's to do list includes:
Picking up a prescription for miss s. (she's fine without it-it would make her life better if she had it, but I am totally a…

Sunday School - not really Sunday School - Just some Sunday ramblings

All right, so I am very tardy to Sunday School tonight.
But I wanted to check in with you and let you know that this weekend was a screaming success on all fronts.
The kids from our congregation rock. They had a great youth conference. I am so proud of them.
And my mr. hosted a most wonderful family reunion in another state.
My college girl talked to me on the phone for quite a long time tonight.
She chose to not go to a concert with her friends when she found out the ticket she bought was for a Sunday.
Good choice, miss h. I'm proud of you!
My high school girl's been hanging out and wanting to visit with me much.
She was sad that she didn't get a prominent part in Friday's production, but something better came up and I am so thankful.
I get to see my man and my boys at midnight Monday night-well, really Tuesday morning.
I slept over 12 hours (miss s says it was more like 13 or 14) last night and took a 3 hour nap today.
(There wasn't much sleeping Thurs & Fri …

This Summer

Calendar image from here - it doesn't match what we have had going on, I just liked the visual.
The last week of May I started my first summer PACE (brain training) client. T-ball started. The first week of June I went to girls' camp with the awesome young women and leaders from our ward. The second week of June little mr. b, my mr. and a bunch of their scouting friends went to scout camp. And swim team started. The third week of June my mr. went out of town for a bit. And then the boys, miss h and I started out road trip. At the end of that week, miss h became an independent university girl. And the boys and I went to a family reunion in Rupert, Id. And they went back to Boise with my parents. And I went back to Utah. By myself. And had a great time. The forth week in June I drove to Colorado Springs for PACE Advanced training. I'm glad I went. On the last Saturday in June, I drove home.
The next Monday, I started with another very cute PACE client. The last week of June, my mr. went out of …

Another youth conference email

This one came at 10pm tonight.
It told us that we should tell the youth to bring a towel if they planned on using one.
It wasn't on the original packing list.
And if they plan on swimming they should bring a modest one piece bathing suit
and another towel.

I hope the kids get the message.

Sunday School

Looky here, we made the "Mormon Times' What's Happening" section.
Probably one of a handful of times cute little Oklahoma's been on that list.
So this is the culmination of the last half year's practices & activities that have eaten our lives that our youth and youth leaders have been focusing on.

There have been about a zillion emails marked URGENT, URGENT, READ NOW, LAST ONE, NO-SORRY NOT REALLY, READ THIS NOW.

There have been lots of forms to fill out and forms that required parents' signatures that we didn't know we needed to get.

There has been costume confusion and lots of not hearing what's been said.

And there's been one Sister the mrs. (adults are called by Sister and Brother and their last names by tradition in our church), a young women's president on the edge, who did NOT have a panic attack last Sunday and who DID have the beautiful thought while driving to church this morning that there will be no more of those emails. Th…