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We went to Hell this weekend

And we took the family. Really, it was called Hotter 'N Hell

This is a picture of the picture on the television, which I turned on after I drove to my friend's house, picked up her, her husband and his bike and drove close to the beginning of the race.
Thank goodness they are locals and know the backroads and ways to get around the traffic- because those bike people are crazy.
There would have been a picture of my mr getting the bikes on the rack in the dark, but it showed our license plate and I'm paraniod about that kind of stuff. So, unless you are my mother in law, you aren't going to get to see that one.

We dropped the guys off, I took my friend home & went back to the hotel. To cuddle my little son and go back to sleep. But first, I wanted to see the start of the race. And I'm glad I watched it on television.
my mr was in "gate three" He passed the starting line at about 7:30am. The race cannon went off at daybreak (it was about 7:10). I'm glad my friend…
He wants to ride is bicycle. He wants to ride his bike. He wants to ride his bicycle. He wants to ride his bike.
In a crazy long hot race. Wearing the funniest little padded tight bummed pants and a helmet.
So we'll wish him good luck and tell him to be safe and have fun. And wait at the finish.
Hey man, good luck. (and let it be known that he loves star wars)
(I promise to share pictures later, but maybe not of the bum.)
(Bum meaning bottom/behind/tukas, not the man. He is definately not a bum.)
(I told little mr j to scoot his bum up on the chair at the eye doctor yesterday.)
(The doctor laughed out loud at me.)
(Well, not at me, but at my choice of words.)
(At least that's what he told me.)

***This song's been in my head ever since he took up this new hobby.***
***I keep playing the video over and over.***
***I like it.***

18 Years. Almost.

18 years, almost.
That's how long I've not been alone for over a couple of hours at a time.
That's a long time.
(Ok, well, there have been a few days of respit here and there, but over all-most of that time has been spent in the presence of other human beings-usually the small kind.)

And now I am sitting here and I have been alone for one and one half hour so far.
It is very quiet.

Today marks the end of an era.

I'm not happy and I'm not sad.
There are weird noises in the house.
I keep getting spooked.

Little mr j. started PreK today.
Little mr b. started 5th. The girls are out to lunch with a dear friend. They go back to teenager school tomorrow.
I should be organizing. I should be cleaning. I should be doing something productive.
But I am not.
I am wallowing in the quiet
and getting spooked by house noises.

Little mr j. gave me permission to take a nap.
I think I will follow his suggestion.
In fact, I have been telling folks that's the plan until the end of Septe…

Where did the week go?

Did you see it?
I know it was here.
It just flew away so quickly, I can hardly even believe it.

It started before the weekend before.
Everyday and every evening, there were things on the calendar.
Family things.
Friend things.
Sports things.
Cuddling things.
Service things.
Fun things.
Preparing things.
Social things.
Busy things.

And then it was this week,
and there was more.

And it's all good,
but I feel a little bad
because I haven't
been here.

And here makes me happy.

So, as this next week revs up, and tries to get away,
I will catch it
and hold it
and share.
So we can see it and know this week was here.

This Sunday Afternoon

Well, really it's early Sunday evening, but as I took a nap, it's seeming to still be afternoon.
I am sitting here thinking that I really should do a Sunday School entry, but don't know what to write, so instead, I'm going to tell you something different.

Right this moment, I am listening to my mr tutor little mr b a bit on the tuba.
"b flat, c, d, e flat, f -- now you need to do it with more confidence. what's the first note?"
little mr b knows the treble cleff, but that bass clef is a bit more challenging right now.
We're looking forward to the umpas coming soon.
my mr played the trumpet and the drums.
little mr b's experience is piano
and he tried out for all state choir, even though the only experience he has singing is from church (and at home-but all our singing is silly and would not have prepared him for that).
He didn't make the it, but a lot of other boys chose to try out & I think some of them made it.

He's started football …

It is August. We are Melting.

one of my miss girls took this one
When we moved to San Antonio, TX from the northwest & summer hit, I thought I was going to die.
I didn't, though and am very happy about that.

So when we moved from there to here, we were excited about living in four seasons again.  Except there are way more than four seasons here & sometimes they all come in one week. (I will not address this further, but will leave it at: living here is a weather adventure.)

Take humidity. I grew to love the Texas humidity (and I know that we probably never had it as bad as other places in Texas-thank goodness). When I walked outside, I got a free facial - even though it was hot.

Then we moved to Oklahoma, which is less humid, but definately not dry.
And my wrinkles appeared. Oh man! We better never move anywhere dryer-who knows what will happen to my skin then.

Anyway, last Thursday morning, the boys and I stepped outside and it wasn't steamy humidity.  It was full on french fry oil air.  So weird …

Love this.

It's 8/9/10  11:12.

We also get thrilled whenever it's 1:23.

"If You Really Knew Me"

You would know that I let my kids watch too much television.
Just really mostly in the summer. Rules change when school's in session.

But I almost flipped when I saw they were watching an MTV reality show---that just crossed a line.
Until I thought, "I really know them. They don't watch stuff like that."
So I sat down by them and started asking questions.
And they super-kindly asked me to be quiet
and watch the show.
So I did.
And I cried.

The website for the program describes it as "a reality version of the breakfast club."

I think (& hope) our culture is changing.
Please keep going in this direction MTV.
Please keep going in this direction world.
Side note- this week's episode (tues 10c) takes place in an OKC school-not ours, but still it's OK, so we're looking forward to it.

Happy Blogday Little Blog

I don't know what to call this day.
Is it a birthday? Is it an anniversary?
I don't know, but when I told my mr what today was he said, "Well, Happy Blog Day."
And it fit.

One year.

So, Becoming Versed, in honor of your special day, I want to tell you how you came about & how you were named.

A year and a half ago, I started to read these things called blogs-what a world I found. (Ok-I know I was slow to find it, but it was amazing none-the-less.)  I read and enjoyed. I perused and found some I enjoyed, but thought, there has to be more than this.  Why are all these people doing this?

A continuous discussion regarding facebook and blogging was going on at my house. A certain oldest daughter of mine said, "Mom's blog, kids facebook."

Well, ok.

And then I started thinking, why not me?
And this was big, because-even though I could talk to anyone like a long lost best friend, I had become incredibly shy. Any sharing of anything of "mine&quo…

What we learned last weekend

and hope will not be repeated for a very long time, if ever, for any of us.

It costs between quite a bit and a lot (after insurance pays it's 11 miles) for a vehicle to get a ride from McAlester to OKC.
Here's the logic in having it towed so far (because I know you're thinking, "why didn't they just get it fixed in McAlester?"): the shop was closing, they couldn't get the parts till Tuesday, and it would have probably cost us almost that much in the alternative ways of dealing with the situation.
I am extrememly thankful for the folks that helped out & for the adult who dealt with this mess. I am also very, very thankful that I did not have to be that adult.

How I fell off the no sugar wagon yet again

These babies and a huckleberry shake.
Don't have a picture of the huckleberry shake, my focus was on consumption. (And G-it's not your fault-I have free agency, I chose to break my vow, and now it's up to me to deal with the consequences.)
They were consumed on two different days. That is important for me to know that you know.
What led me to break my vow: A beautful maple bar - the likes of which I haven't seen here in the more southern states. (Recently, I've found out they call them longjohns here. That's why I haven't been able to find them. But, with another name, they just wouldn't taste the same.)
This -ok, these- were the best maplebars ever. Am I saying that because of a few year's deprivation? Probably. You can get them here.
A place run by a man, who used to be a boy, who I used to have a crush on, but then decided I liked his friend better. Who both lived in a different town than the store. And to whom I say hello to every few years when I go there…

Permission to Blab

Woo Hoo- Someone gave me permission to blab.
Thanks Someone.

Someone is a crazy writer girl and let me read a couple of her manuscripts.
Which I enjoyed.
And read too quickly.

Go visit her blog (linked above).
She's very imaginative.
And creative.
She's an artist.

And she follows this blogger/writer's advice.
(And she doesn't even know it. Someone, I think you should check him out.)
If you'd like to read the first chapter of the above pictured manuscript, click here.

I am very grateful for the human connections this world affords us.
Crazy Writer Girl (and I know I am not spelling it the way she does) is a friend I've made in our most recent locale & I am getting to know blogger/writer. I am looking forward to the day (school starts in a few weeks, then I'll have some time-yay) when I can sit down and wrap my brain around his type of writing. It's extremely intriguing.

Sunday School

Did you get the memo?
I am so excited.
I almost shouted "HALLELUJAH!"
from my seat.

But in my congregation that's not typically done.
I'm afraid I would have really disrupted the ongoings.

And that would have been bad, because the memo was regarding the disruption on the ongoings.

I was so sure they were going to call out my mr. for using his i-devise in meetings to look up things being discussed. It is a huge distraction. (But this was a worldwide memo, so really it wasn't directed at him. phew.)

But no, they announced (HALLELUJAH!) that in our main meetings, many speakers are using visual aides and excessive asking the audience to follow along in their own scriptures-so (dun, dun, dun...)

Please to not do that anymore.


Because it is a distraction & it takes away from the words that are being said.
The words that teach and inspire.

I am an early adapter.
I have followed this teaching all along.
And I am so happy the world's catching up.