Knowledge and Wisdom

This little post is about knowledge and wisdom. Something I am lacking in this bloggity sphere. So, to read it, you get to have a little adventure. Please start at the bottom and scroll your way up. I hope to someday be wise in the ways of posting. Until then, enjoy.

Very, very wise.

The neighborhood had knowledge. One of the neighbors is wise.

They are picking on the old. (This one's really cool. The other side of the tree is dead & the wood is so hard, they can't get it.)

They are picking on the young. (Notice, another sign and the sticks in the water-I think it's a trap.)

Another one bites it. And now the neighborhood knows. Notice the little white sign on the middle left. Pest control. Lower far left-I think might be near the trap.

Very busy indeed. (Does this shadow make me look fat?)

There are some very busy beavers in our neighborhood.


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