Thursday, November 19, 2009


tounge-in-cheek, kidding
Oh, oh, oh.
I love it when something strikes me as funny. Please pardon my facetiousness.
My mr and I were just vegging in front of the picture box and we ran into some commercials.
There were two commercials during the same commercial break for a certian specific type of birth control that used a very catchy jingle. (The vegging had just begun, I profess to not be a television junkie.)
The joy I found in these commercials was compounded by the fact that we were watching the very large & growing Dugger family on TLC.
I wonder if JimBob approved that.
Post edit--It's Dec. 13th, and I've read that the dear family mentioned has given premature birth to their most recent child. Best wishes and prayers to them!!


  1. I love your blog, mrs! Thanks for letting me browse around here. And I love the irony of that commercial... :)

  2. I suspect the advertisers knew EXACTLY what they were doing with that one. Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always happy to meet 'new' people!

    Oh- and thanks for the compliments on my gingerbread house. We're donating it to a charity fundraiser so it should be seen by 10,000 or so people (hence the reason I'm worried about it falling apart structurally).


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