Monday, December 21, 2009


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Little mr. j went to his second friend birthday party this past Saturday.  It was held at a gymnastics place.  He had a ball, especially in the foam pit.  The kids were all so cute running and jumping in, throwing the foam at each other and trying to crawl around in it.

At one point the young lady running the party asked the preschool crowd to join her over on the big blue mat for some activity.  Little mr. j got out and went and sat down right by her.  He was totally into this party.

Then we heard a little voice say, "I can't get out."  The young lady said, "Use your muscles."  Little mr. j got right up, ran over to the pit, laid prone near the side, stuck his little four year old hand out in earnest and helped another little boy out of the pit.

Awwwww.  (I didn't say anything to him then, but oh how his little choice made me grateful to be his mom.)

On our way home, I said,  "Hey, mr j, I saw you help that little boy out of the foam. That sure was nice of you."
He said, "I know. I am being good.  Do you think I am being good?  I think I am being good. I think I am going to get a present."
And then it dawned on me.  He has been really good lately-he's usually good, so that's really no change.  He's just been a little extra,extra good and I believe there might be an ulterior motive.

On that note, did you know that Christmas is only four sleeps away?


  1. Tee hee hee. That made me giggle. He is a good kid in general I'm sure though. :)

  2. He's a wonderful little boy and a great kid-it's fun to be his mom.


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