Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Dog (part 1)

It's probably time that I introduce you to the dog.
Here's the dog:

She's pretty, don't you think?

She's a pretty big pain in the neck, is what I think.
Do you see how cut she is?  And she never goes to the gym.  Not fair.
Her hobbies include:  mrs. wrestling, bush destroying and chewing up toys.
Oh, and barking and attacking her pack mates (aka my children) and pooping.
(As you can probably infer, she is an outside dog.)

Breed: ?.
She came out of the woods last May.  Our neighbor rescued her.  She was 15 pounds, bone thin and covered with fleas and ticks. 

That afternoon our neighbor introduced the dog to the family. (He'd taken her to the vet.  She was cleaned up and so cute.)
Our hearts fell for her.  Well, almost all of our hearts.  Mine did-and a few of the children's. 
You see, a few weeks before we met, one of miss s's friend's cat had kittens.
Oh, kittens.
I love kittens. I love cats.
My mr, "No animals in the house."
No kittens.

So our hearts were tender and when we met that cute little puppy, who just oozed "will you be my friendness," we fell.

And then we learned that dogs have personalities.


  1. I still think that there is a trainer out there that really needs this dog. Buy the kids a robot dog and then when the batteries are dead, so is the dog! You're the best my friend!

  2. I'm laughing hard over here! Yep, dogs DO have personalities, and they also DIG :P But, I still love her. Until she starts digging again. Or annoying me.


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