Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Up "Date" ;)

Miss h is out with a friend.
Miss s is at All State Choir,
We will go to her concert tomorrow at 2pm.
Little mr. b got beat in Wii boxing by a girl.
Little mr. j tried to beat up miss h because she said something about little mr. b losing to a girl.
Little mr. j can spell our last name (it's short) and knows the sounds & code (letters) to go with them for m, n, d, & t --kind of.
Little mr. b's friend is coming over tomorrow to play video games and help him move up some levels in Lego Indiana Jones.
Perhaps they will practice boxing.
When miss s has called to check in, she sounded oh so very happy.
Miss h is out with a friend -- on Friday. ;)
I think she is oh so very happy.

Oh, and I wrestled the dog.


  1. Good for you on wrestling the dog :) It did wonders for us and she knows that *I* and Alpha.

  2. Oh, Anita-that dog. Did you wrestle your dog? Ours is so strong. I don't know if I won.

  3. This is Mr.B .... I will defeat her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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