Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I Liked Grocery Shopping Today

(This was written Saturday night, but I'm not posting it until now because I just didn't want you to miss it.--PS-and now, after I accidentally hit post--you do get to see it--it's like visiting the future becomingversed (as long as you're reading it before Monday)--how about that?)

Before we begin, I must tell you that I do not like the grocery shopping situation that I have here in the area where I live.
It stinks.
Oklahoma needs to change it's liquor laws.
We need some good groceries and a Costco.
Oh how we need them.
Not that I buy liquor.  I even had to look up how to spell it, but here at the bible belt's buckle, the situation is dire.
Stores make their most profit on the liquor.
Nothing heavier than beer at the stores here and I don't think I've seen any wine.
You see what I'm dealing with.

(OK, I am thankful that people do turn the covers of the more risque magazines around and that so many people are concerned about my salvation here, but if those people only knew the joy a beautiful grocery or Costco could bring them...)

So I did my shopping at the dreaded WM.
And this is why I liked it:

1.  I was just coming off a Pinewood Derby High.  (went shopping immediately after the festivities)
2.  Smiled because I always have to remind my mr. when he finds "the people of WM" while we are shopping, that we are shopping at WM, therefore-we really are "the people of WM" (see reference here).
2 & 1/2.  Saw a Menonite mom and kids arguing over getting all the kids strapped in in the van. (I love seeing them-arguing or not.) They make me think about how simple life really can be. Was reminded that no matter who we are-we all go through similar situations.
3.  My list was fairly short, except I forgot to get wax paper and hydrocortizone (which I had forgotten to put on the list).
4.  Saw my girlfriend from the gym (who's always beautiful), stopping off after the gym, and I-for once-didn't look like I do when I see her at the gym.
5.  I stealthily avoided the girl scouts selling cookies at the doors. Not one talked to me!
6.  Found pretty much all I needed -except lowfat Feta-had to buy regular-glad the recipe doesn't call for too much.
7.  (Read reason #2 again and then come back here.)
And then, when I was done with the foodstuffs, realizing that I had forgotten the vitamins, I took the long road past kitchenwares, and came across the most wonderful sight:
That I didn't get a picture of because I am not sneaky (I also can't lie, fyi) and I have moral objections about poking fun at people, but as of right now, I need to share this life experience with you or life will just not be as meaningful.

I saw three people dressed in colorful midevil garb loudly discussing the pros and cons of some kind of kitchen container. 

I walked past their isle and stopped.  Would it be right to get out my phone, take a picture without asking and walk away quickly?  Should I just walk up to them and as if I could take their picture?  I decided to do nothing and was too shy to walk back by and have a second look.  I don't know how to get pictures off my phone to anywhere, so that was moot. 
So, I enjoyed the moment and giggled.
And giggled some more.
There's not even a renaissance fair going on around here today-that I know of.  I guess I should be careful, because maybe there was.  Maybe I just don't know. 
So, I just giggled somemore.
I was so not in the running as a "person of WM" today.

8.  When I thought my little trip could get no better, in a check out lane that I was passing up, I saw a woman in scrubs --with a bunch of Elvis pictures on the top.
Oh, the joy.

9.  My checker was sane and clean and quick.

10. Then, in the parking lot, when the wonderful Oklahoma wind blew something light and noisy out of my cart some guy laughed when I said, "oh crap" and chased it down.

And I laughed, too, because sometimes that is all you can do.


  1. Ha ha, I LOVE People of Walmart. Makes me laugh and I can just picture it. Oh, and it makes me smile to know you said, "oh, crap." :)

  2. HAHA!! Loved the post. The last time I went in Wal Mart my very large, very black cashier told me his dad loved Star Wars so much he wanted to name him Anikin. I was laughing all the way out to the car.


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