Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dry Shampoo

Have you heard of it?
I had quite a few compliments on my hair today and guess what?
It's three days, two workouts, and one very windy outing this morning into it's last washing.
I owe it all to a can of dry shampoo.

Maybe I am too lazy, time deprived or hold to the belief that washing and blowing out my hair too often will add to the damage that may inflict to shampoo everyday.
Maybe I am just excited about an appointment tomorrow.
This stuff is wonderful.
Few shots of aersol magic &  the grunge is refreshed.
It's a lesson for all.
And now you know.
Tomorrow I shall cut and dye.

(FYI-it comes in expensive "product" brands or you can get less expensive ones--that's the one I use and I really am happy with the results.  Like I said-compliments-with an s-today-how about that?  And I was using this stuff before I heard the professional recommend it to someone in his chair. Woo for me.)


  1. Ok, so what brand is it? Where do you get it? I'd be willing to give it a try. :)

  2. I used one by the name "batiste dry shampoo original." It's in a weird green can. It smells similar to lady speed stick powder fresh deoderant. That combined with my smelly hair, turns out to be alright. (As long as you don't sniff too deeply.)

    I originally bought one at Sally's by "the" Target in San Antonio--this one I bought at Ulta--they had a lot to choose from--even some unscented ones-but I had used this and it was in the "frugal" section (along with an unscented one), so I got it again.

    There were even ones formulated for different colors of hair. It does come out a bit powdery, so that's something to think of if you have dark locks (like the beautiful woman who commented above).

    Am I supposed to say that no one paid me to say this? No one did, just so you know.

    My greasy hair thanks you.


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