Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday School

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Here's a story a young mom gave in her talk in Sacrament Meeting:

FYI-This is not going to be as good as when she told it, but I hope you can see through it to the message.

When she was a little girl in Colorado, their family had a creek that ran through their property.  The parents instructed the children to stay out of it when the snow was thawing and the creek had a lot of water in it and was running fast. This creek led to a larger river that sounded like it had a lot rapids in it.

She and her brother went down to the creek and yes, the snow was melting and there was a lot of water.  She decided that she could cross the creek & ventured in.  Sure enough, she got to a point where the current knocked her feet out from under her & the water started washing her downstream. She knew she needed to get out, but just couldn't.

Her brother grabbed a tree limb, ran down stream and stuck it out to her.  She was able to catch it and get to safety before she reached the river.

She related this story to how we all need help sometimes.
How we can be the person who reaches out a branch to help another.
It was a great talk.

I also think that sometimes we get in situations that are too difficult to get ourselves out of & we need to accept that limb from somebody else. Sometimes that's not an easy thing to do.

I know I am very greatful for all the limb givers in my life.
Hopefully I'll be able to stick out some limbs someday.

What is Sacrament Meeting? Click here for a definition.

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