Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I've learned in the past 15 minutes using facebook

Don't worry-I'm not going to spill anyone's facebook beans.
This won't be anything juicy.

I have learned that the photos you add go public really fast.
I have learned that you can have a lot of conversations in a lot of different places.
I have learned that when you hit that share button, your message is sent typos and all.  (Paige-I meant your birthday, not you're birthday.  Please forgive me.)
It's not forgiving like blogger where I can come back and edit.

It's good to still be learning.

Oh, I have to share some (not all--it would just be too much) juice--

Shari's grandchild is walking!
Kimberly talked to me!
Christina's husband won't get a FB account (you go C's hubby)!
Amy is going crazy!
Lisa & Kristi always make very kind comments!
Alyson is fun!
And....... my favorite.....

Lots of people are becoming friends!
(Should I proof read this now, or just be brave and hit publish?--Read it through and figure out what I did.:) ).


  1. Nice to see you succumbed to the pressure *wink, wink*

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