Thursday, May 6, 2010

Window Coverings

I have a neighbor who is incredible.
Her yard looks like it fell out of a magazine, her dog is obedient and sweet, she's kind.
She did something very funny before we moved in, that I won't tell you about, but I think a lot of people do it, only we caught her :).
One day she said to me, "mrs, I could make you some pretty drapes for your bathroom."
I didn't listen.

Then something whispered to me, "Maybe you should listen."
So I did.
She came and measured and we talked about fabric.
I was supposed to go look for fabric, but as I am a recluse and only leave the house when I have to, I didn't do it. (I'm not really a recluse, I'm just lazy.)
One day she called me from Dallas and said, "Can you go look at your email?  I just found the perfect fabric for you and it's only $not much.00, a yard." 
I hurried to my email, looked and said, "Oh, yes. That's nice."
Really, I said that because I know she has great taste and I trust her.
And it was in my budget.
And I wouldn't have to go shopping.

So, a few weeks later she told me it was time to go get a rod.
I asked her what kind of rod.  She answered.
I went shopping.

And then she & her wonderful husband did us the kindest service.
They came an hung the rod and curtains--well, really her husband did most of it. 
She and he did the calculating and hanging. 
I did some holding and a lot of visiting.
(Where was my mr.? I don't know, I don't remember.)

And then they went home.
To their house.
Which is across the street from my window.
My bathroom window.


This happened months after this incident. (This link should work now-sorry it was messed up earlier.)
Oh, the hypocrisy.


  1. I snickered and snorted... then I looked at your beautiful picture at the top of your blog. It is lovely, but I can't see the title of your blog. "becoming Versed" is totally lost.

    Love it regardless.

  2. Your mr was putting the little misters to bed and litte mr j was very talkative that night. :)


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