Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday School

So, one of the commandments is to keep the Sabbath (Sunday for us) holy.
What do you do in the summertime to keep it holy?

How do you handle your observance of the Sabbath
and it's Sunday and you probably shouldn't
go fish in a stream?

I need something more than just lazily dream
as I nap because our meeings
start so very early.

Do you have ideas?
Please share them with me.
(Please forgive the very feeble attempt to make these words sound anything like the link above.)


On that note, I was very excited to see our copy of July's New Era (which isn't online yet, as it's still June, but should be up July 1st-I was looking at a paper copy).  One of the cover stories is "What to do on Sunday, p.2."  I read it. I think the title faked me out a bit.  I was looking for a list of ideas (hey, if it's good enough for that age of people, it should work for me. That magazine is directed at the youth (12-18 yrs old) in our church-fyi.) I guess I just need to be more creative and plan better.


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  2. There are some fun ideas here:


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