Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dog (part 7)

"You are such nice people to put in a sand box for your dog."
It belongs to a little boy who can't get any playtime.

True quote.
True reply.

But I can see why they said it.


  1. I just hope she's not using it as a toilet. Maybe that's just cats.

  2. I agree with Laura. I'd deal with the digging as long as there are no little presents in the sand!

  3. One of the reasons we got a sandbox with a lid was all the stray animals in the neighborhood. Like, cats, moles, rabbits, coyotes, beavers... And I live in the city.

  4. It had a lid. She ate it.

    We had a critter visitor. She ate that.

    And, she leaves her "presents" in other areas of the yard-thank goodness

    I think the box has helped prevent a lot of digging in the yard. She still's dug a bit in the grass and red dirt, but focuses more on the sand box.

  5. Sometimes simple posts, words + photos are a joy to read/see :) Thank you!

  6. Oh the joys of dog ownership...


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