Thursday, July 1, 2010

The eyebrows drove me crazy!

Eyebrow template found here.

I want you to know that I am having a great summer.
I also want you to know that my children eat my life.
Especially in the summer.
And that's fine by me.
So, sometimes you might hear from me a lot,
sometimes you won't.
I'm beginning to think that all my communications for the next eight or so weeks will be very brief.
Unless I can steal an hour somewhere.
But really, I don't want to steal from my kids, they are nice & it would be a very bad example.

Today I:
didn't excercise
slept in
brain trained
forgot to go to a meeting that I sent out the reminder for
oh the irony
got a phone call
dried my bangs
went to a meeting
ate a protien bar
didn't eat lunch
watched younger three children
in the backyard
with the dog and the hose
and water
took pictures of them
made  bed
one load of laundry
took two children to the pool because they were wet
laundered two children at pool because I had shampoo in the bag
looked up movie times
didn't make sloppy joes for dinner because didn't have buns
toasted hot dog buns because we had them and they were frozen
I like toasty buns
ate a hot dog
why didn't we just have sloppy joes on hot dog buns?-of course I think of that now. sheesh.
ate sweet corn and watermelon from the farmer's market lady
who let me write her a check
so we could buy a tomato & some weird cookies
with the little cash I had
got the mail
went to a movie
with my girls
and now
because of that movie
I can't go to sleep
I am afraid
afraid of all the eyebrows
And I am up too late.

So, if you can guess the movie, and you are not R OK, you can win a prize-
I don't know what prize, but we can figure out something fun and appropriate.
Hint: I have teenage daughters.  They like to read.  They are in love with love.  They have no idea what I was thinking during "the engagement" scene, but it was sure funny to watch them giggle.
Someday, after they are married, I will tell them what I was thinking. It was not about eyebrows.

Although, the eyebrows in that movie DROVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!!

& PS- I did a lot more today than what is listed above
I have a complete and fulfilling life.
I just need to go to sleep & get back to working out.


  1. It must have been Edward's eyebrows. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm guessing. They've always been a bit bushy for me. :) No rest for the wicked.

  2. Mum's the word. BTW, might like to know this - given the theme of your blog:

    Mum; not mother but 'mmmmm', the humming sound made with a closed mouth. Used by Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2, 1592:

    "Seal up your lips and give no words but mum."

  3. Me (The Crazy Writer Girl)July 2, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    If I ever go see the show, I will only be watching it for the annoying eyebrows. I think my interest is piqued when the movie holds no draw for me. Weird.

  4. OK, Barlow Family! I owe you a prize.
    If we lived closer, I'd bring you a loaf of bread and some of the cookies miss s is making right now, but we don't, so - I have something in mind.---look for it this week.


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