Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smokin' Hair

I am so glad I don't have a picture of this one for you.
Because I think I might be a bad influence if I showed you how to improvise a blow torch.
But, I can use my words.

My hair was smokin' yesterday and it will be from here on out-
whenever I use my hairspray.
Because someone in this household used the hairspray to start a fire.
And I can't get the smoke smell off the can.


  1. You can start a fire with Wd40, too! For some reason, visiting young men think this impresses the resident young ladies. I'd rather we start NO fires...just a slow smolder, VERY slo!

    from a fellow momma :)

  2. There's nothing like the smell of Aqua Net in the morning.


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