Sunday, July 25, 2010

We got spammed

Should I be so excited?
Probably not.

It was a really long comment that made no sense at all about NFL picks.
Too bad it was so silly,
We might have all learned something.

I deleted it & changed the comment process to add that step of typing in the extra words.
(Ok, really I should know what that's called, but I am too tired tonight and don't feel like educating myself.)

Again, anyway-
Last time I did something like this, we had problems in the comments. Some of you couldn't leave them.
And that was sad.  Not that many of you comment much-which is fine-but if you'd care to-I'd love to "listen" to them. I do love hearing from you.

So, I'm going to do a test comment and if you are so inclined, would you mind doing the same?
And I promise that this is not me trying to see who is reading BV. 
I promise I am not testing you by asking you to test.

I am thankful you are reading.

And hope you come back often.

PS-If you do have trouble leaving a comment, would you please (if you have time & care to, of course) shoot me an email?  You can find my address in my profile. Thanks so much!


  1. Test.
    I am testing this.
    This is a test.

  2. Me again.
    Only I am being sneaky.
    Don't tell blogger.

  3. It seems to be working for me.

  4. Here's a comment from your favorite feller. Seems to be working fine.


  5. Fishing for comments eh?
    Here's a comment for you, "I like your style."

  6. NFL draft picks affect three out of every ten adults in this country alone. Raising awareness is the only way we can become united in the cause of helping the affects to not destroy the growing knowledge about the football league's potentially dangerous situation involving said thirty percent of Americans and the future generations that will follow in their footsteps as they grow up to be adults and face the daunting task of becoming aware of the draft and the picks and the players and the coaches and the such.

  7. I am so hoping that one of your anonymous friends is a good jokester and added that bit about the NFL! Ahhhhh, I wish I were that clever. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

  8. 1. Yay! It seems to be working.

    2. R-feller? Really? ;)

    3. M-Went fishing (not intentionally), caught a big one! I like your style, too!

    4. Ok, Anon NFL, your cause made much more sense here.
    What can we do to help?

    5. A-I think you are right. We have a mystery to solve--who do we know that might have such a problem as a cause-I shall be pondering that all week.
    (and thank you for reading :).)

    6. Unintentional fishing is very entertaining. And sometime spam isn't what we think it is.

  9. Comments seem to be working fine for me :)


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