Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It is August. We are Melting.

one of my miss girls took this one

When we moved to San Antonio, TX from the northwest & summer hit, I thought I was going to die.
I didn't, though and am very happy about that.

So when we moved from there to here, we were excited about living in four seasons again.  Except there are way more than four seasons here & sometimes they all come in one week. (I will not address this further, but will leave it at: living here is a weather adventure.)

Take humidity. I grew to love the Texas humidity (and I know that we probably never had it as bad as other places in Texas-thank goodness). When I walked outside, I got a free facial - even though it was hot.

Then we moved to Oklahoma, which is less humid, but definately not dry.
And my wrinkles appeared. Oh man! We better never move anywhere dryer-who knows what will happen to my skin then.

Anyway, last Thursday morning, the boys and I stepped outside and it wasn't steamy humidity.  It was full on french fry oil air.  So weird (we don't live near any restaurants).  I was very grateful that it blew out in a couple of hours. That oil would not do wonders on this face.

Heat index-did you know that the humidity makes it hotter. And when the wind blows and the temperature is hot and there's humidity. Think full body blow dryer.

Again anyway, I've been told that this crazy weather year (ie: ice storms followed by snow, hail storms, not many tornadoes, early summer continuous rain, flooding, crazy hot) is just a little unusual. I'm not sure if I should believe them.

Today I saw a weathercaster say (regarding later in the week), "This is the forcast for the rest of the week but, you know, it's Oklahoma" and shrug his shoulders. Made my day.

In honor of the heat, here are some reminders of what happened last winter.

(you get brownie points if you find something unusual in this picture)

one of my miss girls took this one, too
and my feet are really not this big
I borrowed someone's boots
I need to get boots this winter
maybe then it won't snow

Knowledge gained: it is really hard to clear snow when you have to deal with the inches thick layer of ice underneath, if you wait, things will change, & if the ice isn't cleared off the driveway, it is impossible to get in and out. We deal with what we're dealt.
And-when it's hot, we melt.

I don't complain about the weather.  I just describe it well.
And if it snows tomorrow, you are invited over to help dig out.


  1. Those ice storms were something else. I hear temperatures may start cooling in a few days (fingers crossed).

  2. I'm a Texas gal... born in S.A. and grew up in Houston. I've lived many other places in the country... and there is nothing like Texas weather...

    We are on day 11 of temps higher than 100... I think the high today was 106...ugh! I would give anything to own a walk-in cooler... I would replace the sofa with it and be just so happy!


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