Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Goop

Picture from and more info here.

This stuff and a lot of elbow grease helped me get gum off our dryer barrel last week.

Thank you Goop.
You are my friend.
You treat my family's stains
in such a
kind and gentle
I am sorry we had to stoop
to get all that goo
off that
metal barrel
full of heat.
Thank you for being there with me and the clean, dry, stretched out gum-
when all my other help wouldn't work
and I didn't want to
try peanut butter in the dryer.

Thank you for going the extra mile and cleaning off the blue stains
from so many years of clothes
depositing their dye.
Each time I open the dryer and see the white spots
where we worked,
my heart fondly thinks of you.
And then it thinks-we should do that again
and bring that barrell back to its white days.
And my brain thinks-

So, dear Goop,
until we meet again-
say, like,
Thank you.

Ok, I read somewhere that I am supposed to do the following disclaimer thing if I talk about a product on a blog or someone will come hunt me down and there will be consequences. But I'm not "monitized" so really what could they do? So here it is: I bought this product with our family's money at a store. I found it in the automotive section of said store. The Goop people don't know who I am, but I am sure they appreciate our buying their product. I've been telling whomever asks about it for years. It really is incredible. If you go to that link that says "here" under the picture, it will tell you how to use it-when I went there tonight, I even learned something new. Something that I should have thought of years ago, and am now grateful to know. It has to do with plastic bags- and I'm going to use the technique. And, as long as you are still reading, I would love to inform you that due to some blessed dryer miracle, no gum got on any clothes. Well, at least I have seen no evidence of gum on the clean and dry clothing that went though the cycle before that mess was discovered. Thank goodness and goodbye. Oh yes, in another little miracle, no family members were snapped at during the episode. I am very pleased with myself. So there.


  1. My dad has used Goop for years in his garage. I just might need to go get a tub. :)

  2. Wow! I need to get some Goop. I'm a new follower from blog frog. Nice to meet you!

  3. ohh I need some Goop. Thanks for the heads up, with 3 kids it looks like it's a must have.

  4. I wonder if it would help Mr. J's feet issue?

  5. I like your Goop post. I am always willing to try new products that others recommend. I am visiting from the blog frog.

  6. hi ya goopy friends, old & new :).
    just to let you know - tonight I will be gooping the mustard on my white shirt.
    woo hoo!


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