Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gross Summer Bokeh

If you'd like to know what "bokeh" is, go here.
And if you don't want to go there-
it's a form of photography.
If you'd like to lecture the child who forgot her sunscreen,
please leave a comment.
If you'd like to have breakfast for lunch and dinner (we call it "blinner")
or clean the kitchen,
come on over.

And explaination of "blinner."
Our church starts crazy early.
And, I am lazy
and only like to fix one main meal
on Sundays.
So-this particular Sunday
we had "blinner"
and snacks when they all
got hungry again
Oh, and we usually only call it "blinner"
when we are having what's know as
traditional breakfast items
when it's the middle of the day.
Other days
It's just an early dinner
and mom's
off the hook
the rest of the day.

If you are grossed out-sorry.
Please remember to wear your sunscreen.


  1. That was a pretty bad sunburn and guess that that little missy did at her pool party a week or so later? "Forgot" to put on sunscreen. Kids!

  2. As Mike would say, "I guess it's her own dumb fault." :)
    It grossed me out a little. I feel bad for her, it looks really painful.

  3. That is one nasty looking burn! Hope your little one learns a lesson and feels better.
    Breakfast has to be my favorite meal. I could have it at any hour of the day. Cereal, waffles, pancakes, donuts, eggs, etc.

  4. At first I was thinking it was an egg... a really gross looking yolk. Yuck!

    Hope it is a learning experience to wear sunscreen!

  5. Holly Cow! That looked like it totally hurt. The picture should be in a medical book under 'I didn't listen to my mom.'

  6. Holy Barf bag Batman! That thing needs a big warning sign before viewing.

    I just ate my lunch too. Eh.

  7. Ok sweet girl. LISTEN TO YOUR MOM. If you don't listen to her, listen to the pain that thing had to have caused. OUCH!!! GROSS!!! OUCH!!!


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