Tuesday, September 7, 2010


or maybe today,
because I haven't gone to bed yet,
when I was out in the driveway,
helping my mr.,
stain some shutters,
that I need to find a handyman to help hang,
my right eye started watering,
and hurting
and my nose started running
and I couldn't see what I was doing,
but I kept on staining anyway,
because I wanted to help
and I'm really good at staining.

and then it started stinging
so I gave up
and went inside
and got loads of sympathy
from my children.
two of whom had been out there helping
their dad,
but decided to do something
which was probably
a good idea.

and I washed my eyes out
and then closed them
because they hurt
and were very scary looking.

and now I have
a great
new found empathy
for people who
have allergies.

(it was really windy here today. hot and windy. i had sunscreen on my face and there were fumes. have no idea what did hit me. have never had that happen to me before. ever. weird.)

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  1. Thanks again for your help and I'm glad your beautiful eyes have recovered.


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