Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Frights-kind of

I have something very scary to share with you-just in time for Halloween.
It's (dun, dun, dun) my calendar,

But, since I don't want to scare you too much, I will shield you from the frights.
And let you know how beautiful life's been in our
little part of the world:

This is the sky. Really. I have no idea how I took this picture, but I did take the one before it and the one after, so I'm pretty sure I took this one. It was the day of the run. Now that I think of it, little mr. j's teacher held my camera, so maybe she took it-whatever, it's still a pretty awesome blue to go along with a pretty awesome day.

These are our feet after the run (little mr.'s j & b & mine in the middle).
little mr. b ran (well, maybe ran, might have walked some) two miles with a friend.
We were there at the end to greet him.
We (little mr. j and I) got to the end very quickly.
I learned that little mr. j really knows how to set goals and accomplish them.
And how to run a steady pace.
And a mile is a really long race for preschoolers (and their mothers), especially when there are two significant hills at the start.
The official results will be in soon, but unconfirmed reports are that he is a contender for a very high honor.
Not poor mr. b.
He just ran with his friend and had a good time.
I think that makes him a winner.
And his friend took the pictue above.
Thank you little mr. r.
(Please note the shoe laces on the older boys' feet.)
That's scary.
Good thing he didn't fall and get any asphault burns.

Honestly, I've had the greatest month.
It's been busy and is ramping up to be even more.
Fun at the pumpkin patch with the PreSchool kids.
Friend started an awesome "health challenge" that I joined in on.
Football, Soccer, Lessons, Brain Training
Got to go to Arizona with my mr.
Visited with some lovely folks.
Didn't have enough time to see all the lovely folks I wished I could have.
Back to car in the shop, birthday party that missed getting put on the calendar,
understanding friends, class parties, appointments, and so much more.
It's scary, but it's good.

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