Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday School

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In one of our classes today, the man giving the presentation told us about where he used to live (way out in the country). He told us about how they used to give people directions on how to get there. And then he went on to draw a map and tell us (very quickly) how to get to his childhood home (beginning at the main freeway). There were many turns and at each one, there was a description given instead of street names. (It was something like this: take the second Somethingdale exit, through the first light, right at the gas station, right at the Miller’s house, left at somebody Mogg’s place, we’re right next to Ike’s-except there was a lot more to it.)

Then he had someone come up and try to tell us the directions. The person did pretty well, but got mixed up at the end. Then he had us all work on the directions together and we did well. Then another person went up and was able to do it all on his own (because we had all practiced the route a few times).

This man could get to his home without thinking about how to get there. He’d traveled that road so many times that it was natural, he knew the way.

But other people didn’t know the way and his family had to give very clear directions to folks traveling out to visit, or else they might get lost.

This example could take the presentation in so many directions. Our man chose to talk about how when we routinely do things, they become part of who & what we are. They become natural.

So, here are some questions for you (and me):
Where are you heading?
Do you know the way?
Is your road familiar or new?
Will you have help along the way?

I’m heading down some new roads. I think I’m going to have a lot of help and I am glad. How about you?

(And, as always-I’d love to ‘hear’ your answers, but if you’re like me and a little shy-no worries, I just hope this has given you something good to think about.)


  1. Interesting. Right now I'm on a familiar road and I have help along the way. That being said, I think I'm coming to a fork in the road that may or may not bring a new road to travel. I guess we'll see what happens.

    What new road are you heading down?

  2. I'm off to never never land....really my life is separated from my entire family right now. It's just the four of us and I'm leaving it in his hands. I'm frustrated some days but I have to keep calm and tell myself that he'll carry us through. :) nice post lady!

  3. I am trying old roads again. Ones I used to know really well and wish I knew better. New roads come along every day though, gotta learn those too. :)

    Good Luck Ms S. I promise it will be worth it in the end!


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