Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dog (part 8)

Why I am very unhappy with the dog, again.

Score since this spring:
Hoses 0
Dog 3.


  1. Not laughing, not laughing, not laughing... ok, sorry, who am I kidding!

  2. Too funny!!!! He is determined, you can say that for him!!!

  3. Hmmmm. Is your dog bored? Is there an appropriate avenue available for the impulse to chew? And have you tried no-chew spray? Sorry, the emerging veterinarian in me had to ask.

  4. Ok, one friend on facebook told me I could fix the hose. Yay. Boo to have to do the work, but yay to save the money.
    Wonder how long it will stay not chewed-shall we take bets?
    Carissa-the poor girl is bored and not played with enough-the young members of this family are not playing with her enough. You are a wonderful emerging vet.

  5. I read all of the posts prior to the puppy's handiwork. All of it was interesting, touching, heartfelt. Then, the hose photo. Sitting alone in my living room, just me and the laptop ... laughing out loud (not to be confused with LOL), really ... laughed out loud.

    Great work! The writing and the pics! Keep versing!



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