Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Load He Chose - Sunday School

(This was the summer loaner, we have a later model at this time.)

When little mr. b came home and told me that all kids in his grade were required to take band, I said, "That's great."

When little mr. b told me he wanted to play the tuba, I said, "Really, are you sure?  You already take piano and have pretty good rythm, maybe you could do percussion." (Real meaning "Tubas are really loud and big-are you sure you want to lug that thing around?")

When little mr. b came home and told me that the band teacher had a private meeting with each child in his grade and chose the best instrument for the child, I reminded little mr. b of our previous conversation.

When little me. b came home the day of his meeting, he told me, "Mr. S thinks the tuba is a perfect fit for me."

And I rembered that some things should just be out of my control, because little mr. b wanted to play it and his teacher thought it would be a good fit and it's time for me to step aside and let things be.

But I did get excited when the orthodontist said that braces would be in the works next year. I don't know much about band, but I did think that braces would probably make blowing in a tuba painful.

Mr. S told little mr. b that it would be fine. He could keep playing. little mr. b had already checked.

I was worried about transporting that giant instrument everyday. Mr. S fixed that problem, too. We are blessed with a loaner. A loner that looks to be 100 years old and had a case bigger than my son. Whose  case take up one quarter of my little boys' room and latches cut my leg when left open and I walk by. But, he doesn't have to carry that load back and forth every single day.

And now little mr. b is practicing faithfully (when he remembers or is reminded).
We can recognize some tunes.
And he is happy.

He chose a heavy load
and I am grateful.


  1. Sometimes it's so hard to step aside and let our kids start getting a feel for their own 'steering wheel' in life... but isn't it great when they steer themselves through great adventures! Step back, take a seat, and ENJOY THE RIDE!! :) You taught him well.

  2. Buhm, buhm, buhm, buh-buhm
    Buhm, buhm, buhm, buh-buhm
    Buhm, buhm, buhm, buh-buhm


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