Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's time to take care of them, don't you think?

There is a tradition at our little school.
Every Thanksgiving Break eve,
there is a feast for the children at the school
and the people special to them.
It used to be grandparents were the main invitees,
but I think they've changed things up to
involve more families.

We started in the PreK room. Where we got a little tour and the kids sang some songs for us while we waited to be called to the cafeteria.

My little turkey head.

Potato turkey.
We had a fabulous discussion about what
this turkey would taste like- especially if ,
"I took my fist and smashed it all up."

And this little turkey potato fell down.
Again and again.
(I think it was ready for Thanksgiving break.)
(It's probably more funny to me than to you-it would tip over, someone would right it, it would tip over, someone would right it, it would tip over, someone would right it. There was even some support adjustment. It was funny.)

Volunteers from the Community Baptist Church that's kitty corner from our school served the meal.
I believe the lunch ladies cooked it.
And some mom volunteers cut the pies.
I was not involved.
I only ate.
And took pictures.

Here's the most very special thing about this feast.
Do you see those older kids in the lower right hand corner of the picture?
They are 8th graders (our school is PreK - 8th).
And that is a big deal.
Their job is to serve.
They get drinks, help carry trays, get desserts, clean up messes, make messes cleaning up the messes,
and so much more.

It's incredible because:
the 8th graders are working for tips.
Tips that they will put together to provide
Christmas Gifts for needy children.

I had an 8th grader the first year we lived here.
She is still talking about the time
when her whole class got quite a lot of $
to spend on one child for Christmas
because the folks at the feast had been so generous.

I loved watching them.
It was so wonderful to see their excitement
and to watch some of them
serve their little hearts out.
It almost made me cry.

This is the centerpiece that was created by my little neighbor,
you know the one,
the one that lives
I want one.

This is a picture of two boys eating.

The older boy was very grateful have a PreK
sibling, because you eat at the time of your youngest sibling
at the school.
So he got to go first.
And he was hungry.
He's always hungry.

This is what we saw as we were leaving the feast.

Another picture of something we saw as we were leaving.
I'm glad it goes both ways.

After that, we walked home and enjoyed the rest of our Thanksgiving Eve.

Thanks for staying for leftovers-
here's your dessert:

While we were waiting our turn to go feast,
the PreK kids entertained us
with a bunch of Thanksgiving songs.
And when they ran out of Thanksgiving songs,
they sang some Halloween ones.
So, with my mad skills,
I taped it for you from a very ridiculous viewpoint.
(They didn't sing the jump around part which made me sad,
but at least you finally get to hear the little Oklahoma accent.)


  1. VERY, VERY COOL! I was sad to have missed this and appreciate your "mad skills". Very precious.

  2. Wow, what a great tradition. I bet the 8th graders love being able to do that service. Wow!


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